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Movies starring Kim Tae Ri with shocking plots, her acting skills will blow your mind

Are you looking for a good movie? Kim Tae Ri has worked on the best films ever. Here are some of the most shocking ones.

For sure you already know the beautiful actress Kim Tae Ri. Just a few months ago, her K-Drama "Twenty-five, Twenty-one" became a global sensation. We all love to watch her series, she is super talented and charismatic.

She has just a few projects for the small screen. She usually works mostly in films. Kim Tae Ri made her debut as an actress in short films. Eventually, her global popularity came in 2016, she shocked the public with her debut on the big screen.

Her acting skills are out of this world. Despite having a short career, she is already one of the most awarded actresses in Korea. She has trophies from the most prestigious ceremonies such as the Blue Dragon Film Awards and Busan Film Critics Awards.

No one can deny that she has a great taste to choose her projects. The movies on this list have mind-blowing plots. The talent of the 32 year-old actress will let you speechless. Let's watch the best of her career.

The best movies starring Kim Tae Ri

1. The Handmaiden (2016)

This historical movie follows the story of a maid called Nam Sook Hee. She has a complicated relationship with the noble lady Izumi Hideko (Kim Min Hee). The movie was acclaimed all over the world. You need to be ready for too many plot turns.

'The Handmaiden' poster / Twitter @Joshua_juarez17

2. Space Sweepers (2021)

Now let's watch a sci-fi movie, here the actress is Captain Jang. She is a powerful woman who leads a pirate crew. This film shows us a dystopian version of the earth. The male lead role, Kim Tae Ho, was played by Song Joon Ki.

'Space Sweepers' poster / Twitter @cinemadeinasia

3. Little Forest (2018)

Now we'll meet Song Hye Won, a young woman who goes back to her mother's house but she is not there anymore. In that small village, she meets her childhood friends again. It is a beautiful film.

'Little Forest' poster / Twitter @jaechanholic

4. 1987: When the Day Comes (2017)

We cannot leave without talking about this shocking movie. It is based on a true story. In 1987 many Korean students were killed by the police. Here we'll see how the authorities try to cover the tragedy.

'1987: When the Day Comes' poster / Twitter @imminjuni

Have you watched one of these shocking movies?

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