Most viewed Harry Styles' MVs on YouTube Most viewed Harry Styles' MVs on YouTube

Most viewed Harry Styles music videos on YouTube, how many views do they have?

Not only are Harry Styles' songs art, so are his MVs, which are the most popular on YouTube?

Do you have a favorite Harry Styles music video? Perhaps it is one of the most viewed on YouTube, here we have the top of those with the most visits.

Harry Styles is an excellent singer who has put his talents into music for quite some time now. He debuted with the Pop group One Direction and that's when he began to demonstrate his singing abilities, but he also dedicated himself to writing some songs. Sadly, 1D is on hiatus, but this doesn't mean Harry has stopped singing.

Now, as a solo artist, Styles continues to delight his fans with his songs, since his debut we have been able to notice his evolution and the development of his own style for music. We know that he is one of the most relevant and popular artists in the international music industry right now.

Harry's songs tend to become hits very quickly, lately some of them have been trending on TikTok, like 'As It Was' for example. Digital platforms now have great potential and intense importance in many aspects. This is why we know that Harry tends to dominate on Spotify, iTunes and more.

But also on YouTube, many of Harry Styles' music videos have a lot of views, which ones are the most viewed on the platform?

Top 8 Harry Styles music videos that have the most views on YouTube

1. Sign Of The Times

'Sign Of The Times' was the song which with Harry Styles debuted as a solo artist back in 2017, he released an official video which is about to get to the billion views, right now it has more dan 996.9 million views.

2. Adore You

We all love 'Adore You', it's a song from the album 'Fine Line' which was released in 2019. This MV has more than 327 million views.

3. Watermelon Sugar

We think that 'Watermelon Sugar' is now a classic, it became a hit as soon as it was released and of course that its music video is still very popular, it has over 307 million views.

4. As It Was

Even if it's been just 3 months since the release of 'As It Was', its MV now has more than 242 million views, we know this is a very popular song and it's one of the singles from 'Harry's House'.

5. Golden

We all love 'Golden', another amazing track from ' Fine Line', and this one has a lot of views too, a total of 193 million, we can't stop watching this video.

6. Falling

'Falling' is everyone's favorite song, this is also from 'Fine Line' and it has  more than 136 million views on YouTube right now.

7. Lights Up

With more than 110 million views, 'Lights Up' got this place, its MV is very interesting, this song is from 'Fine Line' too!

8. Kiwi

'Harry Styles' is an album that Harry released in 2017, there we can find 'Kiwi', a great song with an amazing MV which now has over 86 million views.

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