Doja Cat's most popular MVs on YouTube Doja Cat's most popular MVs on YouTube

Most viewed Doja Cat music videos on YouTube, are these very popular?

Doja Cat has achieved unimaginable records on YouTube, what are your most viewed MVs on the platform?

The great fame and popularity of Doja Cat is very well reflected in all her statistics, what happens when we take a look at YouTube? These are the most viewed videos of this rapper.

There is no doubt that Doja Cat is one of the most popular and relevant artists in the music industry today. Her songs have become viral on various platforms and she gives a special touch to each track from her writing, studio recording and even performance. This is how the singer has conquered the world.

There are a lot of Doja songs that we can appreciate, this singer has different rhythms, lyrics and others that we can enjoy in her tracks. Each new release is even more special and brings with it new hits for this singer. Fans really love the music that she has created.

Do you already have a favorite Doja Cat song? Since she released her self-produced tracks on SoundCloud, her great talent was noticeable, and little by little her style has evolved and now we have amazing hits that are successful all over the world. On digital platforms this is very visible.

That is why today we have for you the most viewed Doja Cat music videos on YouTube, here we have some of them that fans cannot stop watching on the platform and continue to accumulate more and more views.

Top 7 Doja Cat MVs with the most views on YouTube

1. Say So

'Say So' is probably Doja Cat's most popular song, this was the one that really brought her to the top with the catchy beat trending on TikTok and making its own dance. It has over 392 million views on YouTube.

2. Kiss Me More

This song was the one that gave Doja Cat the Grammy, 'Kiss Me More' was the first single from her album 'Planet Her', this song became extremely popular and her MV now has more than 337 million views.

3. Boss B*tch

For the movie 'Birds Of Prey', Doja Cat participated in its soundtrack with the song 'Boss B*tch', this became super popular and that is why its music video is so seen, it has more than 318 million views on Youtube.

4. Juicy

In Doja Cat's 'Hot Pink' album we find great songs and one of them is 'Juicy' in which the singer collaborated with rapper Tyga and her official MV has more than 277 million views.

5. Like That

In the 'Like That' MV, Doja Cat has a fun spaceship adventure, this song is just great and the MV is too, so it has a lot of views on YouTube, a total of 213 million.

6. Need To Know

'Need To Know' was the second single from Doja Cat's 'Planet Her', in this MV Doja became an alien and her rather suggestive lyrics were great for the young audience that enjoys the rapper. The MV for this song has 212 million views.

7. Streets

As previously mentioned, Doja Cat's 'Hot Pink' has many masterpieces, among them is 'Streets' that has conquered the public and its MV today has more than 169 views on YouTube.

Are any of these your favorite Doja Cat song? There is no doubt that all these are amazing tracks from the singer and we not only love the music, but also the videos that she releases.

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