BTS has a lot of views on YouTube BTS has a lot of views on YouTube

Most viewed BTS videos on YouTube, how many views do they have?

BTS has broken a lot of records on YouTube and these are the most viewed official videos of the group on the platform

ARMY streaming never stops and has made BTS have many videos with millions and millions of views on YouTube, what are the group's most viewed videos?

The support of BTS fans is not only reflected in sales, but also on digital platforms. This is how this K-Pop group has even entered the Guinness Book of Records due to its amazing performance on different music and video sites and apps on the internet.

One of these platforms in which Bangtan Sonyeondan reigns is YouTube, the idol group has broken countless records on said video site with their songs and official MVs in each comeback. And even time after its premiere, because ARMY never stops streaming.

There are many Bangtan songs and videos that have become very popular and are among the most viewed all over the world. Not only at the time they are released, they continue to accumulate more and more views over time, something that is still surprising, but it is only the hard work of ARMY.

What are the most viewed BTS videos on YouTube? Here we have the top 10, find out how many views each of these MVs has.

Top 10 BTS videos with the most views on YouTube

1. Boy With Luv

'Boy With Luv' is the most viewed BTS video on YouTube, this one has 1.5 billion views, OMG. That's a really big quantity, this is one of the most popular songs of the K-Pop group.

2. Dynamite

The first single that BTS released in English was a colossal success for the idol group, which is why 'Dynamite' has over 1.46 billion views. Everyone loved and listened to this song.

3. DNA

'DNA' was one of the first hits for BTS, this song is very important because it was the one that took the group to Billboard for the first time and on YouTube it has 1.44 billion views.

4. MIC Drop

BTS collaborated with Steve Aoki for this remix of 'MIC Drop', one of the group's most viewed MVs on YouTube, it already has 1.1 billion views. wow! Bangtan does not stop surprising.


In the album 'Love Yourself: Answer' by BTS we can find 'IDOL' another of ARMY's favorite songs and its number of views on YouTube prove it, as it has 1.1 billion and the number continues to grow.


'FAKE LOVE' is also already a classic of BTS and the streaming for this great song of the idol group does not stop. It now has 1.1 billion views.

7. Blood, Swear & Tears

'Blood, Sweat & Tears' has a great MV and ARMY has not stopped enjoying it since its premiere. Back then, fans broke many records on YouTube and this song now has 866 million views, maybe a billion views soon.

8. Butter

BTS's second single in English was 'Butter', in May 2021 the idols premiered this great song that has surpassed the idol group's own marks. This track has 744 million views on YouTube.

9. Fire

'Fire' has also been one of the fan favorite songs, BTS has released many great tracks that everyone loves. This song from the album 'The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever' has over 728 million views.

10. Dope

At the last place in the top is 'Dope', which has 712 million views on YouTube and is still a hit for BTS, a really great song.

Are any of these your favorite BTS song? Surely you have seen his MV a lot of times and that is why the reproductions continue to grow.

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