Shipped idols in K-Pop Shipped idols in K-Pop

Most popular shipps in K-Pop, fans really love these idol couples

A lot of fans love the couples that form in K-Pop groups and there are some very popular ships among the fandoms

We have seen that there are a lot of groups with invaluable friendships between the members. There are idols that are very close and this creates that fans ship them, what is a shipp and which are the most popular in K-Pop?

What does it mean when fans shipp idols? This is about the desire of fans for two people (and it also applies to fictional characters) to have a romantic relationship, OMG. And why does this happen? There are idols who are very close and their interactions let us see how intimate they can be.

And it is that in K-Pop there is also a lot of fanservice, which are almost prepared interactions with the purpose of precisely exciting the fans with these activities and feeding all those shipps a little. We cannot deny that there are friendships in this industry that we really love, but we should not assume the sexuality, preferences or love status of the artists.

Shipps can be just for simple entertainment and healthy fun. Although there are cases in which fan shippers are very intense and have become toxic, but it is something that really should not happen. We also know that a great fantasy has also been created around the shipps that is reflected in the fanfics.

But ok, with all due respect to idols, here we have some very popular K-Pop shipps that many fans wish were real and that is that each of these couples really makes their fans' hearts race with each beautiful interaction they have, do you have an OTP in K-Pop?

Top 8 most popular shipps in K-Pop, choose your OTP!

1. Taekook

Taehyung and Jungkook from BTS make up Taekook, a duo that many fans really love and have as an OTP. Both members of the Bangtan maknae line have a beautiful friendship and their affection is reflected in many of their actions.

Taekook is one of the shipps from BTS | Twitter: @hourlytaekooker

2. Jenlisa

In girl groups there are also shipps and fans tend to love the couple that forms between Lisa and Jennie from BLACKPINK whose shipp has been named Jenlisa. They are also adorable together, their friendship is the best.

Cute Jenlisa | Twitter: @lesyeuxdelalis

3. Minwon/Meanie

This is probably one of the longest and strongest shipps, Minwon or Meanie relates Wonwoo and Mingyu from SEVENTEEN. And it is that the two of them were very close since predebut. Due to hard-shipping fans they had to distance themselves a bit. But their interactions, friendship and relationship are really a very nice thing.

Mingyu and Wonwoo make up Minwon | Twitter: @haruwoofics

4. JoyRi

Another very popular girl shipp is JoyRi made by Red Velvet idols Joy and Yeri. They are super cute with each other, there is no doubt that they are confident and love each other very much, this makes fans love seeing them together.

ReVeLuvs love JoyRi | Twitter: @yeripics

5. 2Won

One of the most popular MONSTA X shipps is 2Won, although we are very sad that this is made up of Hyungwon and Wonho. Of course, when they were together there were many interactions. And recently, even though Wonho is no longer in MX, we were given an unexpected hint that fueled this shipp.

Wonho & Hyungwon | Twitter: @IWHY0U

6. Samo

In TWICE one of the most popular shipps is Momo and Sana who do the Samo, they even have friendship rings that really make the shippers' hearts race to the fullest, it's great <3.

Samo is Momo and Sana's shipp | Twitter: @96HMSN

7. Minsung

STRAY KIDS has a couple of very popular shipps, but perhaps the most loved is Minsung made up of Lee Know and Han. They have beautiful interactions that fans find very cute. Besides that both have a great friendship.

Minsung is Han and Lee Know | Twitter: @hnjiqkka

8. Jinlia

Jinlia is an ITZY shipp, shaped by the sweet relationship that Ryujin and Lia have. They are both super cute and fans love their interactions, which is why they shipp so much.

Jinlia | Twitter: @INT0LIA

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