Popular songs by LOONA Popular songs by LOONA

Most popular LOONA songs to add to your playlist, enjoy the best of this girl group

LOONA is a great K-Pop group that has the best songs for you, what are your most popular tracks?

There are a lot of LOONA songs that we can listen to and add to our playlists, fill yourself with energy with these idols and their most popular tracks that we have here.

LOONA is a great K-Pop girl group that debuted in 2016. It is made up of 12 talented girls who have shown their best in every comeback and performance. It is one of the most loved groups in the industry and has had great achievements throughout its history.

We know that LOONA has a lot of fans all over the world who always give their love and support to the idol group. This is why the idols continue to work on songs, performances and even tours in order to share more with their great fandom. Orbit is the fan base especially dedicated to this band.

Maybe you are not yet a fan of LOONA at all, but this girl group will end up enchanting you. They really have a lot of amazing songs. Its wide variety of tracks gives us the best soundtrack for day to day. His lyrics bring great messages and experiences with which we can identify.

Do you want to add more LOONA songs to your playlist? Here we have the most popular songs of this K-Pop girl group so you can't stop listening to them.

The 10 most popular LOONA songs, add them all to your playlist!

1. Paint The Town

In 2021, LOONA released the album '[&]', this one features the song 'PTT (Paint The Town)' and it became one of the most popular songs by this girl group.

2. Butterfly

LOONA has a lot of iconic songs and one of the is 'Butterfly' which is featured on the album '++' released in 2018. We love the contrasts of this track, it's just amazing.

3. Why Not?

We know that LOONA idols are pretty powerful and 'Why Not?' is a great proof of it, we won't only love this song and beats, we also enjoy its choreography a lot. This track is featured on the album '[12:00]' released in 2020.

4. Hi High

'++' has a lot of great songs, we have mencioned one of them before and now we have 'Hi High' too! It's such an amazing track with a retro style and all of the talent of the LOONA members.

5. Flip That

'Flip That' is a song featured on the album that has the same name, this one was released by the LOONA idols in 2022 and it took everyone's attention since it has a great style and it's also very catchy.

6. So What

LOONA has showed it has a variety of facets with every concept they try, and with 'So What' we have one of the coolest ones! This song was released on their album '[#]' of 2019.

7. Star

With 'Star' we have a great song which lets LOONA's vocals shine and we really love it! This one is featured in the album '[12:00]' released in 2020.

8. favOrite

We love the style of 'favOrite', we can dance and sing to this amazing song which was featured on '[+ +]'. This is really one of the greatest LOONA tracks.

9. Satellite

We love '[+ +]' and we can't deny it, 'Satellite' is another song from this LOONA album that you'll love and it's popular too!

10. Oh (Yes I Am)

Here we have our last pick for this top, a song from ' [#]', 'Oh (Yes I Am)' has all the LOONA's style and we really liked this amazing song.

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