Most important music awards Most important music awards

Most important award ceremonies in the international music industry

Grammys? VMAs? AMAs? What is the most important award in the music industry?

What is the maximum award that any artist can win? Here we have the most important awards in the music industry.

Within music we can find a lot of important awards that are responsible for distinguishing the best each year. There is a lot of competition in the international music industry and many singers and groups seek to stand out as the best, either in general or in a specific musical genre.

But what are these awards for? For these ceremonies, a lot of popularity indices are taken into account, as well as composition issues of both lyrics and music, sales, among other aspects. Perhaps the greatest purpose of music awards is to continue promoting artists, but it is also something that generates status in a certain way, it gives each one an extra.

This does not mean that a singer or a group is more or less talented just because they have or do not have an award. In the end it can fall in the opinion of a few and in the criticism of what is good and what is bad. And anyway these are subjective issues, the important thing is that there is a great diversity of music in the industry, Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Country, Heavy Metal, they all have their own fans.

In any case, what are the most important awards for music? Here we have some of them in which many artists want to succeed.

Top 7 most important music awards in the industry

1. Grammy Awards

Of course! Grammy Awards are the major event in music industry and it's a pretty important ceremony for every artist, it's hard to get one of this awards, but we know that it's worth it.

Grammy Awards are truly important | Twitter: @AdeIeChart

2. MTV Video Music Awards

MTV gives awards for the bes music videos and it's been an important ceremony for a lot of years, decades we will say, MTV Video Music Awards are amazing and will keep to give recognition to the MVs of our favorite artists.

The MTV VMAs are important for artists | Twitter: @vmas

3. Billboard Music Awards

Billboard has a really long history, this magazine is an institution now and since 1990 it has been awarding a lot of artists with thw Billboard Music Awards.

Billboard Music Awards | Twitter: @TheKittenzRoom

4. American Music Awards

Did you know that the American Music Awards were like a competence for Grammys? Even if this one is called 'American' it has also awarded international artists.

AMAs | Twitter: @netizenbuzz

5. World Music Awards

These are international awards which give recognition to a lot of artists from all the genres in music, we have seen a lot of our favorite artists winnin at the World Music Awards.

World Music Awards | Twitter: @AfricaFactsZone

6. BRIT Awards

This awards BRIT Awards tend to give prizes to british artists, but they also have awarded some foreign artists too.

BRIT Awards are important too | Twitter: @duarrypics

7. The Polar Music Prize

The Polar Music Prize is kinda underrated but very important, this ceremony was founded in Swedish by the manager of the legendary group ABBA, it's given just to one winner per year and we have seen winners such a Björk, Led Zeppelin, Paul McCartney and the last one which was in 2018 was give to Metallica.

The Polar Music Prize is very important | Twitter: @billboard

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