Medical Korean dramas on Viki Medical Korean dramas on Viki

Medical K-Dramas that you can watch on Viki, discover their interesting plots

Many dramas set their stories in hospitals, which Korean medical dramas can you watch on Viki?

Viki has a wide catalog on its platform where you can find dramas of various genres, what medical dramas can you watch on this platform? Korea has many options.

Asian drama fans can enjoy their favorite series on various paid platforms that will allow them to watch a lot of stories safely, with good subtitles and high quality. One of them is Viki, a secure site where you can find many productions from various Asian countries.

No matter what your favorite genre is and even if the series is on the air and the platform has it, you will be able to watch many episodes of your favorite dramas at any time. In addition, Viki has free and paid plans so that nothing limits fans from being able to enjoy some of the series that the site has.

On Viki, there are great options for Korean dramas for fans, so at any time you can enter the platform and find a new favorite series. There are plots full of action, romance, historical and much more. Some of the favorites are those that take place in a hospital, the famous medical dramas.

What medical K-dramas can you watch on Viki? Discover new stories in these Korean series that we recommend, they will take you to the hospital corridors.

6 Korean medical dramas available on Viki, watch their incredible stories

1. Medical Top Team

Year: 2013
Starring Kwon Sang Woo and Jung Ryeo Won

This drama is about a medical team with high-ranking doctors, known as a 'dream team'. Each professional has his own story and personal life, how will you carry his work along with your relationships?

On Viki you can see the full story of 'Medical Top Team'.

2. Dr. Romantic

Year: 2016
Starring Han Suk Kyu and Yoo Yeon Seok

In this drama you will see how the life of a famous and talented surgeon who was even nicknamed 'The Hand of God' changes drastically. He decides to leave the hospital where he worked hard to go to a small town and practice there, what happened?

Dr. Romantic | Twitter: @Elyyisan

 You can watch two seasons of 'Dr. Romantic' on Viki.

3. Syndrome

Year: 2012
Starring Park Gun Hyung and Han Hye Jin

In this K-Drama we meet a couple of residents in the neurosurgery area of a hospital. They will be totally opposite, but love and their profession will end up uniting them, what will their relationship be like?

On Viki you can see the full story of 'Syndrome'.

4. Doctors

Year: 2016
Starring Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye

This series is about a girl who is usually mean, but is actually too smart. One of her teachers guides her better and she manages to become an amazing doctor, what will her experience be like in the hospital where she works?

Doctors | Twitter: @KoreanUpdates

You will not stop watching the episodes of 'Doctors', they are all available on Viki. 

5. Good Doctor

Year: 2013
Starring Joo Won and Moon Chae Won

This drama is about Park Si On, a man with savant syndrome who, despite his condition, has managed to become a pediatrician. This was his dream since he was a child when he witnessed the death of his brother, how will he perform in his profession?

You can watch 'Good Doctor' on Viki, so don't miss it out.

6. Doctor Stranger

Year: 2014
Starring Lee Jong Suk and Kang So Ra

This story is about a genius doctor who got stuck in North Korea, his son has to be raised there and that's where he studies and becomes as good at surgery as his father. When he gets the chance, he escapes to South Korea where he manages to work in a big hospital, what will happen there?

Doctor Stranger | Twitter: @Dimple_Couple

Watch 'Doctor Stranger' on Viki.

 Keep watching mor dramas on different platforms, we recomend you some C-Dramas available on Netflix.

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