SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo and STRAY KIDS' Felix SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo and STRAY KIDS' Felix

Male K-Pop Idols with the coolest deep voices in the industry

These K-Pop Idols will bless your ears with their deep voices. Be ready to fall for the coolest male voices of the moment.

As you may know, each member of a K-Pop group has a specific role. Dancers, rappers, visuals, and of course vocalists. Nowadays, Idols have too many positions at the same time, They can basically do everything.

Is common to see that the main vocalist of a boy group is the artist who can sing high notes. However, a great voice is not just one on a hights tone. What about the people with natural deep tones?

It's time to appreciate the mots gorgeous voices in lower tones. The Idols on this list have deep voices. Their unique styles are conquering our hearts, is impossible not to fall for their singing skills.

Their range is pretty pleasant to hear. Also, we cannot forget how sexy these Korean artists sound. Before starting we need to warn you, that at the end of the day you will want to join their personal fandoms. Their talent is out of this world.

K-Pop Idols with the greatest deep voices

1. V - BTS

V's low tone is super elegant. His unique voice feels warm and sophisticated at the same time. "Singularity" is a masterpiece!

2. Wonwoo - SEVENTEEN

Wonwoo is officially a rapper but her vocal skills are not a joke. We would love to listen to a solo ballad by him. At least we have the beautiful "Bittersweet"

3. Mingi - ATEEZ

Apparently, being handsome and having a great voice is the requirement to be on this list. Just look and listen to Mingi.

4. Jackson - GOT7

Jackson's voice is getting better and better with the years. Nowadays, his range is wider. He is so talented!

5. Felix - STRAY KIDS

We are in front of one of the greatest low voices of the moment. Felix is famous because of his vocal tone. His voice is beautiful!

Among all these talented gentlemen, what is your favorite voice?

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