MONSTA X collabs MONSTA X collabs

MONSTA X's best collabs with international artists

MONSTA X has worked with some other artists in songs that MONBEBE loves, have you chosen your favourite one?

MONSTA X has taken K-Pop to other parts of the world with its collaborations, these idols have worked with amazing stars of the music industry.

MONSTA X has the best songs for MONBEBE, tracks with different beats, lyrics, moods and more for the fans. The best thing about them is that the members of this idol group participate actively in songwriting and producing, which makes the group's songs have a unique essence.

The idols from MONSTA X won't limit their talents and they ahave also released songs as soloists, Joohoney has some amazing rap mixtapes which show more of his talents. I.M has released solo singles and mixtapes too and Kihyun debuted as a soloist with his single album 'Voyaguer'.

MX's music has captivated the hearts of millions of fans who love and support this boy band in every comeback, single, project and more. MONSTA X has also worked with another artists not only in K-Pop award shows with other idol groups, but with many other internation artists.

So, we have here the best collabs of MONSTA X, you  can add these songs to your playlist and enjoy more about this amazing group.

5 MONSTA X's best collaborations with non-Korean artists

1. Play It Cool ft. Steve Aoki

MONSTA X released an English version of their original Korean song 'Play It Cool' and collaborated with Steve Aoki in this new version which MONBEBE loves. The vocals are truly amazing in this one.

2. How We Do ft. Snoop Dogg

MONSTA X was the first K-Pop group to collaborate with Snoop Dogg with 'How We Do' a song for the soundtrack of the movie 'Sponge on the Run' of our favorite character: SpongeBob.

3. Who Do U Love? ft. French Montana

In 2020 MONSTA X released its first English album 'All About Luv', in this one we'll find 'Who Do U Love?' an amazing song featuring French Montana.

4. Beside U ft. Pitbull

In 'All About Luv' we can find 'Beside U' too, MONSTA X worked with Pitbull in this song and there's a special version with I.M rapping which we all love.

5. Magnetic ft. Sebastian Yatra

Here's a tropical song of MONSTA X in which they worked with Sebastian Yatra, it's pretty cool and it has some lyrics in Spanish too! So 'Magnetic' was a surprise for Latinamerican MONBEBE.

Now you can listen to these songs and chose your favorite one, aren't all just too cool? We love them all.

Keep reading more about MONSTA X and its music, here we tell you all abou Joohoney performing the first rap he ever wrote. 

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