Kihyun's solo debut is just amazing, you'll love it Kihyun's solo debut is just amazing, you'll love it

MONSTA X's Kihyun debuts as a soloist with Voyager, you'll love his style

What's the best thing about MONSTA X Kihyun's solo debut? Here are all the reasons why you will love Voyager

MONSTA X's Kihyun finally made his solo debut, with 'Voyager' he's taking over his fans' senses, have you listened to this full single album yet? Here we have the reasons why you won't to stop listening to this songs.

Yoo Kihyun is one of the vocalists of MONSTA X, his ranges and tones always gave a special stamp to each song of the idol group. Since before his debut, this artist was already impressing many fans with his amazing voice. MONBEBE has not stopped admiring each and every one of this idol's musical talents.

Although some MONSTA X members have released their own solo songs and mixtapes, Kihyun has yet to do so. Instead, the idol shared various covers of artists, covering original songs with his voice and showing his rocker side with this type of performance.

And finally, just a month ago, Kihyun announced his solo debut. With his first single album, 'Voyager', Kiki would show us more of himself with his own songs. The album contains 3 new tracks, one of them was even written by Kihyun. 'Voyager' is the title track of the album which has a great MV.

What can we highlight about Kihyun's solo debut? There's a lot to appreciate in 'Voyager' and here are some of the reasons why you won't be able to stop listening to this new song from the MONSTA X artist.

Reasons you'll love Kihyun's Voyager, the best of his solo debut

1. The MV

Voyager's MV is just great, it shows us Kihyun on his own journey, various scenarios and we can even notice the discovery of something in the idol that makes him become a vocalist in a rock band. The music video is quite entertaining and has great moments.

2. The lyrics

Voyager's lyrics are full of freedom, encouragement, and this contagious spark that will make you want to jump, sing, scream, and even go on a trip with Kihyun. It's not only the lyrics, but also the way Kihyun interprets it, sometimes she puts on a more powerful voice and other times she has a soft tone that fits perfectly with each word.

Feeling like a voyager, I’m free

The relaxation of my red-hot life

I can feel the fluster I’ve been forgetting

The paradise I’ve been dreaming: so beautiful

3. , (Comma)

', (Comma)' is the second song of 'Voyager', this was written by Kihyun and it starts with a more relaxed tone, although it still has that rock that Kihyun likes so much in the rhythm. His voice also shines brilliantly in this composition. Although in this one we appreciate a somewhat retro sound.

Please be a new beginning 

So that I can continuе talking about myself


4. Rain

The third and last song of 'Voyager' is 'Rain', which starts with Kihyun's lively voice, this could be the most 'heavy' track on the album, because we can hear heavier sounds in it, even the idol's voice intensifies in it, giving it a different emotion to the previous compositions.

Hide me in the heavy rain

I’m standing without an umbrella

I guess I believed there would be no end

Mistake, mistake

Dark clouds are getting thicker, rainy


5. The concept

Voyager's concept seems to be traveling and being free, having fun, but maybe there is a story told through their songs as well, maybe it starts from the end to the beginning. First 'Rain' that seems to talk about a love break. Then ', (Comma)' in search of something new that frees the protagonist from the routine, from sadness. And finally, 'Voyager' is the moment of freedom, of living a new experience in which he no longer feels trapped.

Does Kihyun's Voyager tells a full story? | Twitter: @kihyunjournal

Well maybe this is just my theory, but definitely Kihyun's 'Voyager' is just great and impressive, we love this solo debut and expect much more from this idol in the future.

Keep reading more about Kihyun and Voyager, this is how Joohoney and Hyungwon showed their love and support for Kiki's solo debut. 

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