Joohoney's solo songs Joohoney's solo songs

MONSTA X's Joohoney solo songs which show his great power as a rapper

Lee Jooheon from MONSTA X is one of the best rappers in the undistry and his solo mixtapes are the biggest proof

Joohoney won't only rap for MONSTA X, this rapper has released his solo mixtape with his best songs, add them to your playlist!

MONSTA X has amazing idols in its lineup, one of them is Lee Jooheon a rapper in the group who has a great voice too when he wants to sing softly. He won't limit his talents only for the stage, he's a creative artist which writes, composes and produces songs for his band too.

Joohoney won't only take all of the attetion due to his rapping style, he has an amazing charisma en great personality. He's extroverted and su funny at times and he reserves the best of him for the loyal fandom which has been beside MONSTA X since debut.

But Jooheon won't only shine as MONSTA X's rapper, he has a lot of solo songs which show more of his skills for rapping, or just singing. This idol rapper has released some mixtapes with amazing songs written and performed by this talented artist.

So, we have some of out favorite Joohoney solo songs for you to add them to your playlist, enjoy the best track from this MONSTA X idol which works hard in his music.

10 MONSTA X's Joohoney solo songs that you need on your playlist


INTRO (AMBITION) is one of the favorite songs of Joohoney fans, as it compiles different styles of the rapper in the same track. This song has all the power of the complete artist who not only raps excellently, but also dances very well throughout the MV.

2. Kang Baek-ho

There are many excellent songs that Jooheon has released as a solo artist and one of them is 'Kang Baek-Ho', it is named after a baseball player who is mentioned in the verses, it is a very powerful and energetic song.

3. Smoky

'Smoky' is a song that cannot be left out for any fan, it is a very important track as it expresses Joohoney's rawest feelings during his time dealing with his mental conditions and how he felt at the time.

4. Runway

Joohoney's rapping style is simply unique and adapts to many different rhythms or moods and with 'Runway' we have one more hit that you won't want to leave out of your playlist. For this track, the rapper worked with KILLAGRAMZ and they made an amazing duet.


Music is the best form of expression for Joohoney and 'PSYCHE' proves it to us very well, another song where he exposes his mind to everyone who wants to hear what this rapper wants to convey.

6. Red Carpet

Jooheon's personality has a big contrast, he can be strong and fierce on stage, but he's also super sweet, cuddly and caring. 'Red Carpet' lets us see the best of both worlds from Joohoney who not only raps nimbly, but also sings with a melodious voice that we love.

7. DIA

Joohoney's rapping on 'DIA' is just amazing, I wish I had another word for it, but it's just amazing. This song also mentions this rapper's mom, a very important person in his life because he is actually his mother's diamond. He has an incredible brilliance of his own.

8. Manito

We love the vibe of 'Manito', a very chill song but with very cool vibes as well. In this song Joohoney tells us about his greatest passion, being in the studio and working on his songs, something that requires all his work and effort but that he loves with all his heart.


Joohoney's verses never stop and for 'KING' he did a great job, his voice suits this beat perfectly and we have more of him in this great song. We love this facet of the MONSTA X rapper.

10. Flower Cafe

Joohoney is a person full of love, maybe a little cheesy too and I'm not saying it, 'Flower Cafe' is a very nice song where we can find the sweetest of the rapper's heart. On this track he worked alongside I.M and Sam Ock.

We love all of Joohoney's work both in MONSTA X and when he dedicates himself to releasing his songs as a solo artist, we hope that he can soon release new tracks that will completely delight MONBEBE.

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