Listen to these MONSTA X songs Listen to these MONSTA X songs

MONSTA X songs in English that will give your playlist a different style

Have you already listened to MONSTA X's songs in English? Here are some of our favorites for you to add to your playlist

MONSTA X has not only released songs in Korean, the idol group also demonstrates its versatility and adaptability with tracks in English.

MONSTA X is a sensational idol group, the members of this boy band have worked hard since their debut in 2015. Over time they have shown their best songs and performances to the great public that has quickly become their fans, MONBEBE is now his faithful fandom.

The talent of the members of MX is noticeable in each song and the best thing is that the idol group not only has tracks in Korean, they have also released songs in Japanese, they have another one in Chinese and we do not forget their songs in English. MONSTA X is one of the few groups that has dared to release a full album in English.

Currently, MONSTA X has 2 full albums in English and also one more collaboration in the same language. With 'All About Luv' they managed to conquer Billboard and new fans around the world. The fact that they release songs in a different language shows us their great variability and adaptability.

In addition to their English albums, MONSTA X has also ventured further into experimenting with their members' genres and voices. So if you still don't have songs from the idol group in English on your playlist, here are some of them.

8 MONSTA X songs in English that shouldn't be left out of your playlist

1. Play It Cool

Actually, there are two versions aof 'Play It Cool', one in Korean and another one in English. We love both but the English version is simply amazing.

2. You Can't Hold My Heart

'All About Luv' is MONSTA X's first English full album, in this one we get to listen to amazing tracks and one of them is 'You Can't Hold My Heart', a song which is kinda pop-rock like.

3. Tied To Your Body

For their second English album, 'The Dreaming', MONSTA X made a great job too! And they really explored through different styles, 'Tied To Your Body' is just amazing, it has great rythms and the voices of the idols are great here.

4. Who Do U Love?

'Who Do U Love' was a song that became really popular, it features French Montana and it's really good, even if this album is kinda lacking in rap, the rap line's vocals are on point too!

5. Whispers In The Dark

Woah! 'Whispers In The Dark' now is even more special since MONSTA X released an MV with scenes from their US Tour, OMG. We love this track from 'The Dreaming'.

6. Middle Of The Night

Another great song from 'All About Luv', we really loved 'Middle Of The Night' and this chill beat it has, the lyrics are great and the MV has a really cool touch.

7. The Dreaming

This one is some kind of ballad and its lyrics make you think a lot, about life and dreams, we really loved 'The Dreaming' from, of course, 'The Dreaming'. I can even say that this one is such an underrated song.

8. Beside U

Aaaand contrary to the last song, here we have another one which is kinda stronger, and here's a version in which I.M raps and we love it. 'Beside U' is a great track with good lyrics, great vocals, rap and it features Pitbull.

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