MONSTA X's Shape Of Love and its new schedule MONSTA X's Shape Of Love and its new schedule

MONSTA X reveals the new activity schedule for Shape Of Love

MONSTA X's comeback is near! And they have a lot of teasers to make our expectations grow, here's their new promotion schedule for Shape Of Love 

MONSTA X had to postone its comeback since some of its members were diagnosed with COVID-19, but now everything is better and we'll have a lot of teasers and more activities for 'Shape Of Love', and this is its new schedule.

MONSTA X is one of the best K-Pop groups, this band has been working hard for their fans and they have great songs and performances every comeback. The best thing about this idol group is that it has released a lot of tracks in different languages, so MONBEBE has Korean. Japanese and English comeback almost every year.

And for this year, the first Korean comeback of MONSTA X is near, they will release a new mini album called 'Shape Of Love', which has the participation of Joohoney as songwriter and producer, Changyun worked on some songs too, so we're looking forward this new album.

But, 'Shape Of Love' had to be postponed since 4 out of 5 active MX's members tested positive for COVID-19, even if they're fully recovered now, Jooheon was diagnosed too. But the comeback wasn't rescheduled anymore, it'll be realeased very soon.

But while we wait for Shape Of Love, MONSTA X has a lot teasers and concept photos to show us, this is the new activity schedule for next comeback.

MONSTA X's Shape Of Love has a new activity schedule, the group will tease you with all this content

MONSTA X unveiled a new activity schedule for Shape Of Love, before the release of the album, we'll have some teasers and photos to get to know more about the mini album's concept and more. So, here it is for you to put these new promotions on your calendar.

MONSTA X's Shape of Love new activity schedule | Twitter: @OfficialMonstaX

Are you ready for MONSTA X's next comeback? We can't wait to listen to these all new songs which we're sure MONBEBE is gonna love!

When will MONSTA X's Shape Of Love be released?

If you missed the date of release of MONSTA X's Shape Of Love, here it is: April 26, 2022, it'll be released on Tuesday. Yaay! We can't wait for this new album, just some days more for MONSTA X's new music, isn't it amazing? More hits for K-Pop.

We can't wait for MONSTA X's Shape Of Love | Twitter: @OfficialMonstaX

We're so excited! Shape Of Love will be just great and we will tell you everything about next MONSTA X's comeback, so keep reading Yaay! (I mean, Yaay our page not Yaay that 'Oh! I'm celebrating').

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