MONSTA X and Sam Feldt's Late Night Feels MONSTA X and Sam Feldt's Late Night Feels

MONSTA X and Sam Feldt released Late Night Feels, what's the best about this song?

MONSTA X worked with DJ Sam Feldt on new song 'Late Night Feels' which we're sure you'll love

MONSTA X and Sam Feldt take us to a new dimension full of fun with their collaboration song 'Late Night Feels', what's the best thing about this new track?

MONSTA X is an excellent K-Pop group that has been working hard since their debut in 2015. With releases in Korean, Japanese, and even English, this idol group has released great songs that their fans can enjoy. It is no secret that they are very good at working in other languages.

MONSTA X idols have a total of 2 full albums in English, 'All About Luv' and 'The Dreaming' have given us excellent songs. The best thing is that in both albums, the idol group tends to experiment more with different music genres. In addition to that they also have collaborations with international artists.

For example, they have their song 'Play It Cool' in English version in which they collaborated with Steve Aoki, 'Who Do U Love' in which MX worked with French Montana. Or the legendary song 'How We Do' which was specially made for the soundtrack of 'The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run' in collaboration with Snoop Dogg.

And this time, MONSTA X collaborated with DJ Sam Feldt to release the song 'Late Night Feels', what did we like the most about this new track?

The best about Late Night Feels, the new song by MONSTA X and DJ Sam Feldt

1. The MV

Well, the MV is kinda weird if you ask me, LOL, but it has also a fun concept in which music takes us to a different place were we're free, wearing pajamas and dancing, isn't it great? It also has the iconic X from one of MONSTA X's albums, I think it's actually 'The Clan').

2. The lyrics

Oh! The lyrics are kinda cool, right? I don't know if it's about an affair or some kind of love that can't be true. It's like an adventure in an hotel, with someone that is not that good for you.

Just keepin' it real
You know you're a steal
Like twelve out of twelve, you're my ideal
I know you got taste, like
If Gucci made cakes right
I'd take two ooh, ooh, ooh

3. The beats

Woah! DJ Sam Feldt nailed it with this track, we love the beats of this song. It's a pretty danceable song and it has great moments, with the bass, you know, and it suits MONSTA X real well! Totally great.

4. It's an English song!

I think that no one was expecting at all for MONSTA X to release another English song, but it actually is! And we're happy about it, 'cause 'AAL' and 'TD' are such masterpieces, it's amazing. MX knows well how to make MONBEBE go crazy.

MONSTA X's Late Night Feels | Twitter: @JesslovesMin

Besides 'Late Night Feels', MONSTA X has more surprises for MONBEBE and here we tell you more about them. 

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