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MAMAMOO's Hwasa iconic collabs you need to know before the 'Somebody!' release

Hwasa and Loco are coming back with a new collaboration! Let's recall the best collab of the MAMAMOO member.

Four years ago, Loco and Hwasa joined forces to give us one of the most iconic K-Pop collabs ever. Finally, these talented artists will drop a new single. "Somebody!" will be here on July 26th. For sure it will be amazing!

While we are waiting for it, we are recalling the best collaborations of Hwasa. Since her debut, the member of MAMAMOO stole the spotlight thanks to her unique voice. Her singing style is sexy and powerful at the same time.

As you may know, MAMAMOO has some of the greatest vocalists in the industry. It makes sense that Hwasa is conquering the world with her endless talent. Her solo single "Maria" was a global sensation.

Since her style is quite uncommon, many famous artists asked the Idol to work on their music. Ahn Hye Jin never fails, so all the singles on the list are awesome. Let's enjoy the shocking talent of Hwasa!

Hwasa's best collaborations ever

1. Q - ONEWE

The pop-rock band ONEWE dropped this flawless collab in 2020. It sounds so good their voices work perfectly!

2. Hula Hoops - DPR LIVE

Hwasa's unique style creates a great contrast with raps. That is why this single is so powerful. Turn up the volume!

3. Physical - Dua Lipa

These talented ladies together are explosive. Dua Lipa's Physical sounds even better with Hwasa!

4. Now - PSY

PSY's latest album gathered some of the hottest Korean artists. Hwasa recorded Now, an addictive retro song.

5. Don't - Loco

This is one of the best songs of her career. It was a whole success. Loco and Hwasa is the best duet ever. Such a masterpiece!

What other collaboration should be on the list?

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