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Lee Soo Hyuk K-Dramas to fall for his awesome acting skills

Do you want to know more about the career of Lee Soo Hyuk? You need to watch these great K-Dramas starring him.

Some Korean actors get into the industry as models. After a couple of years, they decide to explore the acting world. All of them have something in common, they are super handsome and tall.

This is the case with Lee Soo Hyuk. The famous actor has a very successful modeling career. He has been on the most prestigious runways such as the Balenciaga and Bailman Fashion Shows. His beauty is out of this world.

While he was conquering the fashion world, he got some small roles in movies and series. Eventually, in 2014 he caught the attention of the public with his role as Yoo Jin Woo in the drama "High School King of Savvy".

Since then, the handsome artist has been participating in tons of shows. We know that you want to see more of his acting skills, so we have for you the best K-Dramas of his career. Be ready to fall in love with his amazing talent.

K-Dramas with Lee Soo Hyuk to explore his acting career

1. The Scholar Who Walks the Night (2015)

In this show, the actor is an evil vampire called Gwi. He is trying to control humans. It is a fantasy historical show with the most interesting plot.

Lee Soo Hyuk for 'The Scholar Who Walks the Night' / Twitter @bettyboop_pr2

2. Born Again (2020)

Now let's talk about a Mystery drama. It follows the story of three people who get reincarnated. One of them is Cha Hyung Bin, a detective who will be involved in a love triangle.

'Born Again' poster / Twitter @theseoulstory

3. Sweet Stranger and Me (2016)

Do want t watch a  comedy? Here, Lee Soo Hyuk plays the role of an ambitious man named Kwon Deuk Bong. He has the nickname 'robot' because of his cool personality. This show has a lovely story.

'Sweet Stranger and Me' poster / Twitter @kdramasroyal

4. Doom at Your Service (2021)

Here comes another fantasy story. The actor took the role of Cha Joo Ik. He works in the same editorial as Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young), a woman who is wishing the world to be doomed after realizing she will die pretty soon.

'Doom at Your Service' poster / Twitter @ohmydramatic

5. Tomorrow (2022)

We cannot leave without talking about the successful Tomorrow. Lee Suk Hyuk portrayed the Grim Reaper Park Joong Gil. He guides the dead. You need to watch the beautiful story of this angel's dead group.

'Tomorrow' poster / Twitter @koreancloud_

Have you watched one of these shows?

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