Lee Min Ho's best characters Lee Min Ho's best characters

Lee Min Ho's most popular characters, these left a mark on his career

Lee Min Ho's popularity has increased thanks to his roles in several dramas, what are his most famous characters?

Lee Min Ho's characters have given fans something special, each one of them has a different personality and the actor shines with his diverse facets in many productions in which he has been part of the cast and these are his most popular characters.

Since the beginning of his acting career, Lee Min Ho caught the attention of the public and many producers in the South Korean entertainment industry. And it is that the dedication and passion of this celebrity for his work is simply amazing. Giving his best in every new drama or movie in which he participates, he has conquered the hearts of the audience.

Minho fans know very well that when he is cast in a new K-Drama or K-Movie, it will have a high quality and a character that will show more of the talents and skills that the actor has in front of the cameras. There are unforgettable characters for his fans.

Surely you have a favorite Lee Min Ho drama and in this one he left his mark thanks to the personality he embodied during a great story. His most famous characters are going to take us on a journey through time with the productions for which he has worked.

So what are Lee Min Ho's best characters? These are the most popular that everyone remembers, thus leaving a mark on millions of viewers who could not forget how well this korean actor works in K-Dramas.

Lee Min Ho’s best characters, these are the most popular ones

1. Jun Pyo

You must remember Jun Pyo from Boys Over Flowers, the drama that launched Lee Min Ho completely to fame, in this production he was one of the protagonists and he acted like a rich and bad boy at first, but later he showed his big heart and this is why so many fans loved him.

Lee Min Ho as Jun Pyo | Twitter: @woshiiiwaniii

2. Kim Tan

In 'The Heirs', Lee Min Ho acted as Kim Tan, a high school student who came from a rich family, although he seemed to have similarities with the actor's previous character, the truth is that they were very different and that was how he showed his great versatility when it comes to acting.

Lee Min Ho’s Kim Tan | Twitter: @minholics_india

3. Lee Gon

Lee Gon was Lee Min Ho's character in 'The King: Eternal Monarch', for this role, Minho became a responsible and understanding king with his people, but who also had his own interests, he finally managed to balance his happiness with his great job.

Lee Min Ho as Lee Gon | Twitter: @iconickdramas

4. Heo Joon Jae

In 'The Legend of the Blue Sea', Lee Min Ho played Heo Joon Jae, a swindler who only thought of his own benefit, but everything changes when he meets a pure being who not only awakens his most protective side, but also the most loving one.

Lee Min Ho’s Heo Joon Jae | Twitter: @brunette931

5. Choi Young

For the K-Drama 'Faith', Lee Min Ho became Choi Young, a soldier who fights for his king with great courage and dedication, but changes his mind when he meets love and sees things from a new perspective.

Lee Min Ho as Choi Young | Twitter: @Rebecca78136266

What’s your favorite Lee Min Ho’s character? All of them are just great and he always gets to show the best of his talent on screen.

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