Lee Min Ho movies for you Lee Min Ho movies for you

Lee Min Ho movies, this is how the actor has appeared on the big screen

Lee Min Ho has not only acted in K-Dramas, but also in some movies that you can watch

Lee Min Ho's talent for acting has also had its impact in the cinema, with these films in which he has acted, choose your favorite!

Lee Min Ho is an excellent actor who has lent the best of his talents in countless Korean dramas. These have been where he has become most popular, earning the affection of the public that quickly becomes a fan of his work and continues to support him in more projects and productions.

In the K-Dramas we can find the best characters of Minho, a lot of series have been full of the great professionalism that this actor has embodying different personalities. It's not the only place where Lee Min Ho can shine though. There is much more to the talent of this celebrity that can be reflected in other projects.

For example, on the big screen, Lee Min Ho has acted in some movies where we have been able to admire more of his work with different characters than he has tried on Korean television. Have you already seen any of her films? Surely you will like them as much as her dramas?

So here we recommend all Lee Min Ho movies, so you choose your favorite. You can do a marathon with these films since there are not many but they do have the great talent of the Korean actor.

All the movies in which Lee Min Ho has acted

1. Public Enemy Returns

Year: 2008
Starring Sul Kyung Gu and Jung Jae Young

This was Lee Min Ho's first movie, it's about a detective who is about to retire, but he has a last case to solve and it might take more than he was thinking of, how will he solve it?

Public Enemy Returns | Twitter: @wenroad

'Public Enemy Returns' has Lee Min Ho on its cast. 

2. Our School's ET

Year: 2008
Starring Kim Soo Ro and Lee Han Wie

In this movie, Lee Min Ho is Oh Sang Hoon and it's about a lazy sports teacher in a school who changes when they add a English program for the students, he's gonna be a good teacher from now on.

Our School's E.T. | Twitter: @wenroad

You can watch 'Our School's ET' to enjoy more of Lee Min Ho's talent. 

3. Gangnam Blues

Year: 2015
Starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won

This movie will take us to the 70's, it's about a friendship which gets into a proof, since the guys that have been friends since childhood now are kinda separated by economic and politic interests.

Gangnam Blues | Twitter: @wenroad

Watch 'Gangnam Blues' since it's starred by Lee Min Ho. 

4. Bounty Hunters

Year: 2016
Starring Lee Min Ho and Wallace Chung

This movie was produced by Chine and South Korea and it's about a bounty hunter which has great abilities in martian arts too, he's handsome and egocentric but he always achieves what he wants.

Bounty Hunters | Twitter: @wenroad

'Bounty Hunters' was last Lee Min Ho's movie, we're expecting for some more.

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