Lee Joon Gi for 'Again My Life' Lee Joon Gi for 'Again My Life'

Lee Joon Gi in 'Again My Life' this is why you should watch it

The actor Lee Joon Gi is the male lead in 'Again My Life'. The drama is becoming really popular in Korea. Is this show so good?

Lee Joon Gi is back on the K-Dramas with "Again My Life". The actor alway choose projects with a lot of potential, however this show is having a great response from the public. Apparently it is becoming really popular among the viewers of 20 to 49 years old.

On April 15 the drama achieve an amazing mark on ratings. According to Nielsen Korea has an average rating of 8.1 percent at national level.  For its third episode the drama presented its highest rating at the same time it's the most watched show among all channels in that time slot.

We know you're already cuorios, why is this Drama so popular? We got you, this is all you need to know.

'Again My Life' poster / By @BibimbapDramas

3 reasons to watch Lee Joon Gi in 'Again My Life'

1. The plot

Lee Joon Gi took the role of Kim Hee Woo, a prosecutor who was killed in the middle of the investigation of a corrupt politician. In order to get justice he gets a second chance and he's alive again and with 15 years less.

The K-Drama uses fantasy to put the main character's desire for revenge on screen. You'll find yourself immersed in the story easily.

Lee Joon Gi for 'Again My Life' / By @KDramaXxXxX

2. Lee Joon Gi amazing acting skills

The actor is famous because of his ability to perform deep characters. Through his career the artist has offered multiple complicated and, sometimes, dark personalities with his work.

Maybe his favorite genres are the historical and mystery dramas. This time the public is lovin his acting in "Again My Life". What is your favorite Lee Joon Gi drama? We love the unforgettable "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo".

Lee Joong Gi acting / By @__1xo

3. The whole casting

We cannot love a story if the actors don't show good chemistry. In this case Kim Jieun is Kim Hee Ah, the female lead who will play an important friendship for the protagonist.

At the same time we need a powerful villain: Cho Tae-sub is a corrupt politician who rule a big criminal agrupation. We can see Lee Geung Young in this role, you're gonna hate him.

Kim Jieun in 'Again My Life' / By @jg_k_drama_417

What do you think? It seems like a great option for your free time.

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