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Lee Joon Gi K-Dramas to understand why he is the master of Historical series

The famous actor Lee Joon Gi has a good taste to choose his projects. He is the king of the historical K-Dramas. Don't you believe us? Just check these shows.

The acting skills of Lee Joon Gi are not a joke. This talented actor has proven that he can conquer the public with any kind of genre on the screen.

Despite we love to see him in K-Dramas such as "Again My Life", no one can deny how good he looks wearing historical outfits. Also, this type of series has interesting plots that you won't stop watching.

Let's recall his best projects in this genre. There is a lot of mystery, fantasy, and romance. Enjoy the show!

The best Historical Dramas of Lee Joon Gi

1. Scholar Who Walks the Night (2015)

Here the actor plays the role of a vampire. Yes, you read well. A historical vampire who suffers after losing his soulmate. It sounds good, right?

'Scholar Who Walks the Night' poster / Twitter @ARMY_91line

2. Arang and the Magistrate (2012)

For this show, the actor is the magistrate Kim Eun Oh. He is trying to bring justice and peace to his village. He'll join forces with a gosth that wants to find out why she died.

'Arang and the Magistrate' poster / Twitter @jyvipft

3. Gunman in Joseon (2014)

If you are looking for an action show, this K-Dramas is for you. This story takes place at the end of the 19th century in Korea. Lee Joon Gi plays the role of a warrior who is looking for revenge for the murder of his dad.

'Gunman in Joseon' poster / Twitter @AsianWiki

4. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)

This one is the favorite of too many. It didn't get great viewership ratings in Korea but it became a global sensation. The actor took the role of Wang So, the fourth son of the king. His life will change after meeting IU's character, Hae Soo.

'Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo' poster / Twitter @nnbloop

All these dramas are pretty good! Which one will you be watching?

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