Watch these Lee Jong Suk's movies Watch these Lee Jong Suk's movies

Lee Jong Suk's movies you must watch, enjoy his acting talent on the big screen

Lee Jong Suk not only has a great career in K-Dramas, but also in the cinema with these movies

There are plenty of Korean dramas where we can see Lee Jong Suk's talents as an actor, but did you know that he has also acted in movies? Here we recommend some.

Lee Jong Suk is an amazing Korean actor that we have been able to see in a lot of our favorite series. Although at first, when he was very young, he acted as a model, he would soon be able to better showcase his talent in front of the cameras and captivate the public on Korean television.

'Prosecutor Princess' was the first K-Drama in which Jong Suk appeared, this happened in 2010 and since then he started taking on more and more roles. Thus, he would soon show us more of his talent in acting with different characters that showed different facets of this professional.

But did you know that Lee Jong Suk's acting debut wasn't actually in dramas? In fact, 5 years before appearing in his first drama, Lee Jong Suk had already been cast in a movie. This is 'Sympathy' where he played Lee Hansol. And after his debut in K-Dramas, his career in cinema also continued to rise.

So here we have some of Lee Jong Suk's movies for you to fully enjoy the talent of this amazing Korean actor, not only in K-Dramas but also in films.

6  Lee Jong Suk movies, these films have been part of his career in cinema

1. As One

Year: 2012
Starring Ha Ji Won and Bae Doona

This film transports us to the 90's, for the Asian Games in Beijing where South and North Korea face each other in table tennis, in that competition, North Korea loses, but South Korea does not win the gold either by losing to China. 6 months later at the 41st World Table Tennis Championships, North Korea and South Korea join the same team and the dispute could be internal.

'As One' is an interesting movie in which we'll see Lee Jong Suk as Choi Kyung Sub.

2. R2B: Return to Base

Year: 2012
Starring Rain and Shin Se Kyung

In this film we will see the story of a man who worked as a pilot in the Korean air force, within the aerobatic team. Although as punishment he must join soldiers in a mission that could change his life.

R2B: Return To Base | Twitter: @hibachijustice

Lee Jong Suk is Ji Seok Hyun  in 'R2B: Return to Base'.

3. The Face Reader

Year: 2013
Starring Song Kang Ho and Jo Jung Suk

This historical film is about Nae Kyung, a skilled face reader during the Joseon era who will soon become a detective as she enters a murder case with her skills, will she be able to find the criminal easily?

'The Face Reader' has a very interesting story and Lee Jong Suk embodies Jin Hyeong in this movie.

4. No Breathing

Year: 2013
Starring Lee Jong Suk and Seo In Guk

In this film we meet a couple of swimmers, both have a great rivalry because their purposes to shine are different. Everything gets worse when they both fall in love with the same girl and now the competition will not only be in sports.

No Breathing | Twitter: @jongsuk02061989

'No Breathing' was the first movie in which Lee Jong Suk had a main role as Jung Woo Sang. 

5. Hot Young Bloods

Year: 2014
Starring Park Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk

This is a movie that takes place in the 80's, in the plot we will follow a group of high school students and their adventures with love, life and more. Each one has a different personality.

You can watch 'Hot Young Bloods' starring Lee Jong Suk.

6. V.I.P

Year: 2017
Starring Jang Dong Gun, Kim Myung Min and Lee Jong Suk

In this movie, Interpol, the South Korean police and the North Korean police team up to catch a serial killer. There is a suspect who is in fact the son of a high-ranking North Korean official.

V.I.P | Twitter: @MyLeeJongSuk2

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