Lee Jong Suk has great characters Lee Jong Suk has great characters

Lee Jong Suk's best characters that made their mark in his K-Dramas

Lee Jong Suk has appeared in a lot of Korean dramas with amazing characters, which ones are the best?

Lee Jong Suk's career in acting is quite long and he has had very endearing characters, these are some of whom we will never forget for being the best.

In 2010 Lee Jong Suk debuted as an actor in the drama 'Prosecutor Princess', since then he has kept working on more projects and productions thus conquering the public who quickly became a fan of this talented man when he is in front of the cameras.

A lot of the K-Dramas that Jong Suk has acted in have become popular favorites. Many fans still don't forget series like 'School 2013' or 'Doctor Stranger' that became iconic thanks to the excellent work of Lee Jong Suk for the interpretation of his characters.

And it is that with each new role, Lee Jong Suk presented a new facet in acting and the spotlight could not be separated from him by having such exceptional works. His popularity has spread all over the world and fans from outside of Korea continue to support the career of this magnificent Korean actor.

Do you already have your favorite Lee Jong Suk character? Here we tell you which ones are the best for us and in which drama they appeared, they left their mark on the actor's career.

Lee Jong Suk's top 7 characters in K-Dramas

1. Park Soo Ha

In 'I Can Hear Your Voice', Lee Jong Suk played the character Park Soo Ha, we love the look of this character, but also the magical way in which he used his supernatural power.

Lee Jong Suk as Park Soo Ha | Twitter: @LeeJongSukWorld

2. Park Hoon

Park Hoon was the character that Lee Jong Suk played in 'Doctor Stranger', this is a great K-Drama about a talented surgeon whose abilities are used by North Korea, but he might escape soon.

Lee Jong Suk's Park Hoon | Twitter: @iQIYIMalaysia

3. Choi Dal Po

'Pinocchio' is another drama starring Lee Jong Suk, in this he had the character of Choi Dal Po, another one that we cannot forget, because Jong Suk portrays very well the emotions of his role upon learning of his mother's abandonment.

Lee Jong Suk in Pinocchio | Twitter: @daffodilBTS

4. Kang Chul

For the drama 'W' Lee Jong Suk acted as Kang Chul, his character was extremely important for the plot, as he is the main character in the cartoon of Oh Yeon Joo's missing father, and later she can find him when she travels to the reality that his father created.

Lee Jong Suk as Kang Chul | Twitter: @agustdidas

5. Jung Jae Chan

Jung Jae Chan is Lee Jong Suk's character in 'While You Were Sleeping', he falls in love with Nam Hong Joo who has the power to see people's deaths in his dreams, but he can't do anything to prevent them and soon Jae Chan will have a strong connection with her.

Lee Jung Suk's Jung Jae Chan | Twitter: @Winbun4

6. Kim Woo Jin

Lee Jong Suk's character Kim Woo Jin is just special as he is a part of the drama 'Hymn Of Death' which is based on true events. In it, the actor worked as a genius playwright who has a tragic romance with Korea's first soprano.

Lee Jong Suk in Hymn Of Death | Twitter: @wooseoris

7. Cha Eun Ho

In 'Romance Is A Bonus Book' Lee Jong Suk is a writer named Cha Eun Ho and we just adore him, he helps Kang Dan-i showing the cutest of his heart, we can't help but love him.

Lee Jong Suk in Romance Is A Bonus Book | Twitter: @LJS_society

What is your favorite Lee Jong Suk character? This actor is amazing and we can't help but admire all the facets of him in different dramas.

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