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Lee Jong Suk K-Dramas with uncommon but beautiful love stories

The famous actor Lee Jong Suk has worked on many types of shows. Let's recall some of his most unique romantic K-Dramas.

We all love to see Lee Jung Suk in romantic K-Dramas. This charismatic actor has the ability to conquer the public with his sweet aura.

He has various projects that were a whole succes. Nevertheless, today we are talking about those shows that gave us amazing stories with a touch of fiction and fantasy.

We'll chering the lead couple to overcome some extraordinary hardships. The scenarios and situations of these characters are unrealistic but this factors create the perfect environment to share a love story.

Unique romantic K-Dramas starring Lee Jong Suk

1. While You Were Sleeping (2017)

The protagonists of this K-Drama can see the future. Lee Jung Suk is a rookie prosecutor called Jung Jae Chan who will use his ability to solve some crimes. Eventually he falls in love with Suzy's character, Nam Hong Joo who has premonitory dreams as well.

'While You Were Sleeping' poster / By @ExactExol12

2. Pinocchio (2014)

Here we'll see another amazing duet. For Pinocchio, the actor worked with Park Shin Hye and the rsul was perfect.

The actress played the role of Choi In Ha, a young woman who is trying to pursue her dream of becoming a reporter.

She has a health condition that makes her hiccup if she lies. Suddenly his relationship with her best friend Choi Dal Po will change to love.

'Pinocchio ' poster / By @loveofloey

3. W (2021)

We cannot leave without talking about this great show. The actor took the role of Kang Chul, a smart man who has a painful past.

We'll see our protagonist trying to solve a puzzle to explain some incidents that involve 2 different realities. This couple is unforgettable. Have you already watched?

'W' poster / By @lovelya09

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