Watch these Lee Dong Wook's movies Watch these Lee Dong Wook's movies

Lee Dong Wook's movies you need to watch on a marathon

Did you know that Lee Dong Wook's talents have also made it to the big screen? Get to know some of his films that we recommend here

Lee Dong Wook is an excellent actor and his talent has been reflected in K-Dramas but also in movies, so check out these that we recommend.

Lee Dong Wook debuted in 1999 in the K-Drama 'School 2', since then his career continued to grow and he never stopped working on new projects, characters, series and others that continued to expand his filmography and make him a great actor.

Thanks to all of Dong Wook's work he has gained popularity in Korea but also all over the world and his fans do not stop supporting him in each new production in which he takes part with a new character. There is no doubt about his abilities in front of the cameras and his series are usually acclaimed by his audience.

Lee Dong Wook has also appeared in the cinema, he debuted in 2006 in the movie 'Arang', although his career on the big screen has not been as extensive as that of television, he does have some films that his fans have been able to enjoy. Although it is not the same to see the actor in many episodes than just in a movie.

In any case, if you want to enjoy Lee Dong Wook more here we have some of his movies for you, so be sure to watch them and get to know another of his facets on the big screen.

3 movies starring Lee Dong Wong that you must watch

1. Heartbreak Library

Year: 2008
Starring Lee Dong Wook and Eugene

This movie is about a boy who rips the pages out of a book and the librarian gets mad at him, but then finds out that the boy's heart was broken because his ex-girlfriend left a message for him on those pages. What did she leave him there?

Heartbreak Library | Twitter: @timetowook

Watch 'Heartbreak Library' starring Lee Dong Wook.

2. The Recipe

Year: 2010
Starring: Ryu Seung Ryong, Lee Yo Won and Lee Dong Wook

This film is about a murderer who is caught thanks to a dish, when he is sentenced to death he asks to be given this same dish as his last meal but from a specific cook. The sad thing is that she is now dead but someone will try to get the recipe from her.

The Recipe | Twitter: @actor_wookie

'The Recipe' has an interesting story that you'll love to watch. 

3. Happy New Year

Year: 2021
Starring Han Jimin and Kim Young Kwang

This film shows us the stories of people who meet at the Emross Hotel while on New Year's vacation. These people will create different relationships in their own way and will live different experiences of love.

Happy New Year | Twitter: @actor_wookie

You can watch 'Happy New Year' with a special character of Lee Dong Wook.

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