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Lee Dong Wook is a wonderful singer, you need to listen to these covers by him

The famous actor Lee Dong Wook will make you fall in love with his facet as a singer. These covers will melt down your heart with his beautiful voice.

Lee Dong Wook is one of the most famous Korean actors. Thanks to his work in multiple K-Dramas he is right now on the front line of the Hallyu wave. We saw him in the popular shows "Goblin" and "Bad and Crazy".

Nevertheless, not everyone knows that he also is a super talented singer. The actor has even released songs for the OST of his projects. His voice is beautiful! Don't you believe us? Just check these amazing covers. You'll fall for him again.

Extraordinary covers by Lee Dong Wook

1. An Encore - with Onew

Sea of Hope is an adorable Tv show where we can see various talented celebrities having a good time while singing. It gave us amazing collaborations such as Lee Dong Wook and SHINee's Onew together. Their voices are perfect.

2. Stand By Me

Do you remember the iconic OST of Boys Over Flowers? Stand By Me is a classic. It's great to see this type to see this group of singers together. Also, a K-Drama king like Lee Dong Wook performing this track is an unforgettable moment.

3. City of Stars - with Suhyun

His low register fits perfectly with the song. Also, his whispering style mixed with the sweet voice of AKMU's Suhyun create a beautiful contrast. Enjoy!

Which song is your favorite? We love all of them!

Read here some fun facts about Lee Dong Wook, for sure you'll be ready to join his fandom.

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