Lee Dong Wook for 'Goblin' Lee Dong Wook for 'Goblin'

Lee Dong Wook K-Dramas where he is a magical creature

Lee Dong Wook is a famous Korean actor. He enjoys to take roles in Fantasy Dramas. These are the best ones.

If you are a fan of Lee Dong Wook you already realize something: He likes to take roles on Fantasy Dramas.

If you're not, don't worry. We have a list of the best K-Dramas where he explore another realities with fantastic characters. Even though his career is full of diverse projects and he can turn his personality 180 degrees, we love to see him as supernatural handsome man.

Prepare your heart and your pupils to enjoy his acting skill. Here we go!

1. Goblin - 2016

Lee Dong Wook for 'Goblin' / By @auristk2707

We know! Nobody is surprised to see this Drama here.

It's necessary to recall his amazing interpretation for "Goblin". His acting skills are one of too many reasons why this show was so successful. 

He is the Grim Reaper, a magic being who has to assist those who died and help them to cruise to the underworld. At the same time he would pay for his previous life's sins.

We all love him in this character!

2. Blade Man (or Iron Man) - 2014

Lee Dong Wook for Blade Man / By @Viki

Here Lee Dong Wook portrays the character of a rich man, Joo Hong Bin, who has everything but he cannot be happy. A big secret makes him suffer in loneliness. The rage and anger turn him into a strange creature covering his body with knives.

It is not his most famous project but it's a perfect choice to watch.

Now it's available on Youtube for free. What are you waiting?

3. Tale of the Nine Tailed - 2020

'Tale of the Nine Tailed' poster / By @angel_x_a

Last but not least, we have "Tale of the Nine Tailed" .

Lee Dong Wook is the first actor to be a "Gumiho''. It is a Korean mythical creature who transforms into a five tails fox. Usually it was represented as a female character.

The actor is looking gorgeous in the costumes of this drama. He is the guardian of a sacred mountain who has been looking for his beloved woman. You'll be sucked into this drama that mixes Fantasy, Action and Mystery.

We love to watch the talented actor Lee Dong Wook. What is your favorite K-Drama with him as the protagonist?

If you like the Fantasy genre, we have the best options for you.

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