Best K-Pop Leaders Best K-Pop Leaders

Leaders of the most popular K-Pop groups, they represent each boy band

Being the leader of a K-Pop group is not an easy task, who has this position in the most popular bands?

Each member in a K-Pop group has a different role and one of the most important tasks is to be the leader. Who are the leaders of the most popular groups in this musical genre?

Each K-Pop group has its own leader, their functions are aimed at dealing with the idol group's agency. You must also listen and understand the members, be in constant contact with all of them. Boy band leaders also often represent their team at interviews and other events.

Idol groups usually have many members and that is why being the leader of one of these bands is not an easy task. But our favorite idols at the head of groups always do a great job and become an example for fans. Being a leader has great weight.

The leaders of our favorite idol groups represent a great example of intelligence, teamwork and protection, as they always care about the well-being of the other members of the group. And also from his fans. These idols usually have a lot of contact with their fandoms.

Who are the leaders of the most popular K-Pop groups? Here we have our top 10 with the best of them that really inspire us. We admire all of their work!

10 Most popular leaders of our favorite K-Pop groups

1. BTS' RM

RM is the leader of BTS, he has done an amazing job as the head of his group. He will always help his bandmates, he represents them well and even works as a translator when they have interviews in English and more. Namjoon is amazing.

RM is BTS' leader | Twitter: @@tattzjeon

2. SEVENTEEN's S.Coups

SEVENTEEN has an amazing leader, S.Coups is in contact with all of his members and protects them. He cares more about them than the company. Cheol has done the best work and CARAT know it, fans love him and respect him so much.

S.Coups best leader | Twitter: @DnP0000Cafe

3. STRAY KIDS' Bang Chan

Bang Chan had a lot of things to do with STRAY KIDS even before the debut, he helped to select the members, the concepts, he's an amazing song writer, composer and productor. An all-rounder who is a leader too! Phew! We admire him a lot.

Bang Chan is an amazing leader | Twitter: @BangChanChile

4. TXT's Soobin

Even if Soobin is not the eldest member in TXT, he was choosen as the leader and he's done a great work, since he's right in the middle and he has great communication with all of his members.

Soobin is TXT's leader | Twitter: @bnsoonyoung

5. NCT's Taeyong

OMG, Taeyong has to deal with 22 members, god, NCT is a great group not only because of the talents of their idols, but also because of the number of members they have. And although they still have various sub-units, the overall leader chosen was Lee Taeyong.

Taeyong is a great leader | Twitter: @taeyongpictures

6. EXO's Suho

Suho has been the leader of EXO since debut, he has been doing a great job and he had to leave his team for some time since he had to fulfill his mandatory military service. But now he's back and stronger than ever.

Suho has been an amazing leader | Twitter: @glitterbaek0506

7. MONSTA X's Shownu

As Shownu is the oldest member in MONSTA X, he was choosen as the leader. He's amazing, he can be serious almost all of the time, but he's also funny and smart. He cares for his members and for MONBEBE too, he's kind and bright. And we all miss him now since he's fullfilling his mandatory military service.

Shownu is the best <3 | Twitter: @showkithoughts

8. GOT7's Jay B

Woah! Now we're talking about LEADERS, I mean... Jay B as the head of this great team which left JYP Entertainment, now is the owner of the music and the name and it's still active? Legendary in K-Pop, we all love GOT7.

We admire leader Jay B | Twitter: @limjaebeombr

9. ENHYPEN's Jungwon

Jungwon has been taking care of ENHYPEN and ENGENE since the group's debut and we admire this young leader, we know he'll keep the great work in the future.

Jungwon is the leader of ENHYPEN | Twitter: @YJWONSITE

10. ATEEZ's Hongjoong

And we close this list with an amazing leader, Hongjoong is great, he won't only lead ATEEZ, he writes songs, composes and produces too! He's just too amazing and we admire his work.

Hongjoong is the best leader | Twitter: @softie_hwa

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