Lady Gaga for '911' Lady Gaga for '911'

Lady Gaga's most creative Music Videos that we all need to watch again

Lady Gaga's creativity is out of this world! Here are her most interesting Music Videos ever.

Mother Monster is a pop genius! The talented singer has proved too many times that she is one of the pop singers with the most unique vision. Even during her first years of career, the world already knew that we were in front of a superstar.

Lady Gaga has worked with tons of genres, from pop to jazz and country.  She can do everything! No one can deny her powerful Midas effect. However, all her projects are made with her unique art vision

Thanks to her endless creativity we got too many hits that are now part of our lives. The singer of "Rain On Me" knows pretty well how important is a music video in the visual era. So, her music always comes by the hand of an iconic representation of her songs.

Today we rea recalling the most creative ones of her career. We know she has a lot of masterpieces, but we have for you the Top 5. Lady Gaga never fails, are you ready to fall aging for these unique music videos?

The most unique Music Videos of Lady Gaga

1. Applause (2013)

Gaga wrote this song to talk about her condition as an artist. Just like the lyrics, the video shows the relationship between pop culture and art-pop. She is a genius!

2. Born This Way (2011)

Is time to talk about the beginner of the Mother Monster. Born This Way is a short film that creates a sci-fi world to talk about diversity. It's okay to be different, at the end of the day, "We are all born superstars".

3. Judas (2011)

Lady Gaga is always showing that even a painful love story can sound amazing. This video uses tons of references to the Catholic culture to talk about a toxic relationship. Also, the choreography is iconic!

4. Telephone (2010)

This one is an iconic video. Everything will be perfect if you put Lady Gaga and Beyonce in the same project. It is the conclusion of her previous album "The Fame Monster".

5. 911 (2020)

'Chromatica' was an album to celebrate mental health and  911 is a call for help. This music video is a visual interpretation of painful reality. Every single shot of the music video could be an art piece.

Among all these masterpieces, which one is your favorite?

Do you want to know what are her most popular videos on Youtube? Check this article to find it out.

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