Lady Gaga's most viewed music videos Lady Gaga's most viewed music videos

Lady Gaga's MVs with the most views on YouTube, what is her most popular video?

There are a lot of popular Lady Gaga songs and what is her most popular music video? These are the most viewed on YouTube

Lady Gaga is a great artist and has captured more of her mind in her music videos, which are the most viewed on YouTube?

Throughout her career, Lady Gaga has had great success with her songs, many of them have become extremely popular, the favorites of the entire public. We can remember tracks like 'Poker Face' or 'Born This Way', fan favorites that have earned a place in the hearts of the general public as well.

The best thing is that we know very well that Gaga has been part of the creative process in her songs because she writes them herself. Perhaps this is why the public has felt more easily identified with each track she releases, it's great. With each new release, the singer manages to charm more audiences and position herself on the most important music charts.

What Lady Gaga does is true art, her way of writing, composing, singing. We can also talk about her performances and another very important aspect is her music videos, these have also become iconic for this great artist, there are some that we still cannot overcome.

What is Lady Gaga's most popular MV? Here we have some of the most viewed on YouTube that really show us how popular they are on this platform.

Top 7 Lady Gaga music videos with the most views on YouTube

1. Bad Romance

In 2009, Lady Gaga released 'Bad Romance', an album with a song which has the same name and the music video was amazing, it became iconic and that's why a lot of people has watched it. It has more dan 1.5 billion views on YouTube, this is Lady Gaga's most popular video.

2. Shallow

For the movie 'A Star Is Born', Lady Gaga released 'Shallow' alongside Bradley Cooper, it was an amazing song which has all of the talents of both artists, we all loved this track that now has over 1.3 billion views on YouTube.

3. Poker Face

Of course that 'Poker Face' had to be on this top, this was one of those first songs which Lady Gaga turned into a hit, this one is a classic that now has over 1 billion views on YouTube, it was released 14 years ago, OMG.

4. Alejandro

Another Lady Gaga's classic is 'Alejandro', this song was featured on the album 'The Fame Monster' which she released in 2009, it's now one of the favorite songs of every fan, it has more than 492 million views.

5. I'll Never Love Again

'A Star Is Born' was such a success for Lady Gaga, and another one of those songs featured on this movie became truly popular too, 'I'll Never Love Again' is sooo amazing, and its MV its really popular too, it has more than 423 million views.

6. Telephone

The world stopped when two queens joined together for a song, 'Telephone' is a track in which Lady Gaga collaborated with Beyoncé, it was a very popular song and the MV is pure art, so iconic, tbh. It has more than 422 million views.

7. Judas

Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' has a lot of amazing tracks and 'Judas' is one of them, this one was released in 2011 and we know that Gaga turned everything into another level art, this MV is not an exception, now it has more than 412 million views on YouTube.

Woah! All of these songs are great classics we loveee! Which is your favorite Lady Gaga MV?

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