Lady Gaga's songs with Grammys Lady Gaga's songs with Grammys

Lady Gaga songs that have won at the Grammy Awards

Lady Gaga has managed to take a lot of Grammys home, do you know what songs she has won these awards with?

The Grammy Awards are extremely important in the music industry internationally and Lady Gaga has won in this ceremony multiple times. Here we have some of the songs with which this singer has shone in this award.

Lady Gaga is one of the artists who have left the most mark in the music industry.  From the beginning, she caught the attention of thousands of fans who enjoyed the first songs she released to the public.  Little by little her fame and popularity have been growing and she now has fans all over the world.

During all of Gaga's years in the music industry, we have been able to notice her great changes and evolution as an artist. She has taken on a new maturity that continues to surprise many fans and critics as well. Lady Gaga has become a music legend that thousands and thousands of fans continue to love and support.

Furthermore, Gaga has also inspired many other artists who now look up to her as a role model. In various aspects, this singer dared to go a step forward, to challenge the concepts already created and tear them down. Something that got a lot of attention and her art has really left a big impact.

Thanks to all this, Lady Gaga has won many awards, especially Grammys, do you know which songs gave the singer one of these? Here we have some of them with which Gaga has triumphed in this important award ceremony.

6 songs with which Lady Gaga has won at the Grammy Awards

1. Poker Face

One of Lady Gaga's first hits was 'Poker Face' which actually gave her a Grammy, she won in the 'Best Dance Recording' category in the distant year of 2010.

2. Bad Romance

Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' is a masterpiece, both musically and in her MV we can see a lot of art, which is why the song actually gave the singer 2 Grammys, triumphing in the 'Best Female' categories Pop Vocal Performance' and 'Best Short Form Music Video' in 2011.

3. Shallow

By 2019, 'Shallow' got another Grammy for Lady Gaga, the first being in the categories of 'Best Pop Duo/Group Performance' and 'Best Song Written for Visual Media'. Since in this one she collaborated with Bradley Cooper and it was made for the movie 'A Star Is Born'.

4. Joanne

In 2019 'Joanne' also triumphed at the Grammy Awards, in the 'Best Pop Solo Performance' category, the critics gave the award to this composition and her performance.

5. I'll Never Love Again

Like 'Shallow', 'I'll Never Love Again' won a Grammy but in 2020 giving Lady Gaga one more award for her amazing musical talent.

6. Rain On Me

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande worked together on the song 'Rain On Me', this collaboration won a Grammy in 2021 in the category of 'Best Pop Duo/Group Performance'.

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