Lady Gaga songs on Billboard HOT 100 Lady Gaga songs on Billboard HOT 100

Lady Gaga songs that have reached high positions in Billboard HOT 100

Many of Lady Gaga's songs have been total hits and some of them have even reached #1 on the Billboard HOT 100

Lady Gaga always makes great music that manages to connect with the public and that is why her songs are always great hits, like these that have reached high positions on the important Billboard HOT 100 list.

Lady Gaga is an extremely talented singer, we know it because not only does she have an amazing and characteristic voice with a personal stamp. She also works on her own tracks since her pre-production as a writer and composer, we know that her creativity is infinite and we love to see her turn everything she makes of herself into art.

This artist has a lot of fans around the world, Gaga has conquered the hearts of the public through her best songs, we have a wide variety of tracks in her discography. Lady Gaga is truly amazing and with every new release she proves it, with all of herself in her work.

We know that some songs by Lady Gaga have become more popular than others, she has won countless times at awards and it is obvious that her tracks also appear on the most important international music charts. Like for example the Billboard charts.

HOT 100 is one of the biggest charts on Billboard, how many times has Lady Gaga made it to the top on this chart? Here we have some of her songs that have appeared in this top.

8 Lady Gaga songs that have been positioned on the Billboard HOT 100, what number were they at?

1. Just Dance

Lady Gaga released the album 'The Fame' in 2008 and that's when 'Just Dance' got to Billboard HOT 100, its peak position was the  #1. This track was for 49 weeks in the chart.

2. Shallow

During 45 weeks 'Shallow' was a hit in Billboard HOT 100, this one was released in 2018 for the movie 'A Star Is Born', it features Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper and its peak position was #1.

3. Poker Face

Of course! 'Poker Face' is such a classic, it was released in 2008 and it was one of the first songs that put Lady Gaga on the map. This track spent 40 weeks in HOT 100 and its peak position was #1.

4. Born This Way

We all love 'Born This Way', this one is featured on the album of the same name which was released on 2011, it's a great track with a meaningful message, it spent 20 weeks in HOT 100 and had #1 as its peak position.

5. Rain On Me

For 'Chromatica', Lady Gaga worked with a lot of artists and Ariana Grande was one of them, they both released 'Rain On Me' which was such a hit, it spent 20 weeks on Billboard HOT 100 and reached #1.

6. Bad Romance

In 2009, Lady Gaga released 'Bad Romance' which is a track featured on the album of the same name and it was pretty popular, it got to the #2 of Billboard HOT 100 and spent 35 weeks on the chart.

7. Telephone

Lady Gaga worked with Beyoncé in 'Telephone', a great song which was released on 2009 featured on the album 'The Fame Monster'. This track reached #3 in Billboard HOT 100 and it spent 33 weeks on the list.

8. The Edge Of Glory

'The Edge Of Glory' is a song from the album 'Born This Way' which was released in 2011. This track reached the #3 of HOT 100 and spent a total of 24 weeks in this chart.

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