Lady Gaga impressed these artists Lady Gaga impressed these artists

Lady Gaga has inspired all these singers who praised her music

Lady Gaga has many fans, including many other artists as famous as her, who are they?

A lot of artists have confessed that Lady Gaga inspired them, who are fans of this amazing singer? They confessed their love for her music.

Lady Gaga is one of the most relevant singers in music today. She came to the industry not only to shine with her great way of singing and composing. Also with her adaptability, variety and great way of creating each song of hers. She is a truly unique artist.

Over time we have been able to see the evolution of Gaga, the messages she sends through her songs, her style and more. But always giving her best for her fans, without forgetting that music is her favorite means of expression, where she has placed her feelings, emotions and experiences.

This is why a large part of the public has been able to identify perfectly with Lady Gaga's tracks, enjoying her music but also finding in it a refuge, compression and more that can undoubtedly be the safe place for many people. As well as being an influence and inspiration as well.

Did you know that Lady Gaga has inspired other singers? Here we have some of them who confessed to being her fans and how they were motivated by the music of this great artist.

5 artists that Lady Gaga has impacted with her music

1. Doja Cat

What Doja Cat loved the most about Lady Gaga was the fashion that goes so well with her music, and she takes Gaga as an inspiration.

I feel like Gaga is extremely inspirational (...) If I take anything from what she’s given, she really likes to play with textures and shapes as far as fashion goes.

Doja Cat | Twitter: @blushineri

2. Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa recognized that Lady Gaga is a true legend and that her work has made history in music.

I love hard working females like Lady Gaga. She is a legend! Her impact on pop music is crazy

Dua Lipa | Twitter: @ivandancel_

3. Katy Perry

For Katy Perry, Lady Gaga is a mystical woman and she loves to share the stage with her, isn't it amazing? Both of them are talented artists which we all love.

But you know, I love Gaga so much. I think she’s such a beautiful, mystical, magical woman. And I’d love to share the stage with her at some time

Katy Perry | Twitter: @perrysfantasy

4. BTS' J-Hope

J-Hope from BTS has revealed that he's a total fan of Lady Gaga, when he was in Las Vegas, he took the time to go to one of her concerts and actually took a picture with her and her band.

I’m a huge fan my queen forever

Lady Gaga and J-Hope | Twitter: @istanwgaga

5. KISS' Gene Simmons

OMG, we're talking about a truly legend right here, but it means that he can be impressed by Lady Gaga too, Gene Simmons is the great bassist and singer from the rock band KISS who also said he respected Gaga and wanted her to do something special.

I want to see Gaga with a rock band in the back of her rocking out because she’s got the goods

Gene Simmons | Twitter: @peterkidder

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