Idols who admire Lady Gaga Idols who admire Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has influenced all these K-Pop idols, they have shown their admiration

Lady Gaga's power as a singer extends all over the world and this artist has even influenced a lot of our favorite idols

Did you know that Lady Gaga has a lot of idols who admire her and see her as an example to follow? Here we have some of them.

Lady Gaga is an amazing singer who has shown her best in every album, song and performance. Her great fame and popularity has spread for many years now, little by little we have seen her growth and evolution as her artist in different fields. She has broken a lot of records and has connected very well with the public through her music.

There is much that we can admire about Gaga and it is that it is not only about her talents, but also as a person she has always been a great example, someone who expresses her thoughts and asks for respect and inclusion towards people who really need it. Her great musical abilities have served as a great channel for this singer.

And it is that after her long career, Lady Gaga has managed to influence a large number of artists, singers and musicians who see in her an example to follow. Someone extremely admirable that she receives applause from her fans and also from other artists who recognize and follow her.

Even a lot of our favorite K-Pop idols have proven to be fans of Lady Gaga and that she has somehow influenced them in their work, here are some of them who have proven to be fans of this amazing singer.

8 K-Pop idols who admire Lady Gaga, the singer has influenced them

1. NU'EST's Ren

Ren is Lady Gaga's biggest fanboy, this idol who used to be one of the members of NU'EST covered some of her songs and he also got tattoed 'Born This Way' on his chest. He really admires Lady Gaga.

2. BTS

Taehyung, J-Hope, Jungkook and even Suga have shown their love for Lady Gaga, and it's just amazing. Yoongi said he wanted to collaborate with her, V took a picture with the singer and J-Hope went to her concert in Las Vegas... BTS loves Lady Gaga.


BLACKPINK members confessed that Lady Gaga influenced them back when they were still trainees and then they collaborated with her, even if they couldn't meet since it was during pandemic times, but Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé and Lisa admire Lady Gaga.


TWICE members are great Lady Gaga's fangirls, they have covered her songs, Chaeyoung has fangirled all over the singer, Tzuyu likes her a lot too, Nayeon was inspired by Gaga.

5. MAMAMOO's Solar

Solar is an amazing artists and she made a tribute for Lady Gaga with the cover of I'll Never Love Again, the MAMAMOO idol shone with her vocals in this one.

6. PENTAGON's Jinho

'Shallow' is one of everyone's favorite song from Lady Gaga and Jinho showed how much he loved this song with a cover, this PENTAGON member is also a great Lady Gaga fan.

7. THE BOYZ's Kevin

Another idol who showed his admiration for Lady Gaga was Kevin from THE BOYZ, he made an 'ARTPOP' cover that we all loved, it's just amazing.

8. Super Junior's Heechul

We will never forget SM Town in Paris since Heechul pulled an amazing lipsync of Poker Face by Lady Gaga, even Gaga loved, ugh! No one can overcome this.

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