The best dresses that Lady Gaga has worn The best dresses that Lady Gaga has worn

Lady Gaga dresses that we would really love to have in our closet

Lady Gaga has great style and her best dresses prove it, which of these is your favorite?

Lady Gaga has broken stereotypes in various fields and fashion is one of them. She looks amazing in her best dresses that everyone admired.

Lady Gaga is one of the most popular and famous singers. We can say that today she is a legend that has inspired more people and singers in different aspects. Since her debut we have seen her evolve as an artist and a human being and her impact is truly gigantic.

Gaga is now an icon in music, but it is not the only field in which she has an amazing influence. Well, in the world of beauty and style, Lady Gaga has also worked. This talented singer has her own makeup brand that is friendly to everyone. She is the owner of Haus Laboratories.

And if we talk about Lady Gaga's style, she has shown her best on many occasions. Whether in outfits for MVs, awards shows, or red carpets, she looks amazing at all times. No matter what she wears, her bearing is simply magnificent. We love to see her and we also admire the way she dresses.

We have seen Lady Gaga wearing beautiful dresses and others with a purpose, which ones are the best? These are some of our favorite ones.

Top 7 best dresses that Lady Gaga has worn

1. Meat dress

The world was shocked when Lady Gaga decided to wear a meat dress in the MTV VMAs in 2010, but the truth is that this was a protest. The objective of this dress was to speak against 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell', when LGBT community members couldn't serve in the army or speak about their genre or sexuality there.

The famous meat dress | Twitter: @fkajack

2. Dom Perignon Campaign

Lady Gaga is such a real life fantasy and when se was a part of the Dom Perignon Campaign, she looked amazing in a pink dress. We all loved it.

Lady Gaga in pink | Twitter: @SHOWstudio

3. 2019 Met Gala

Lady Gaga is already a frequent guest at the Met Gala and in 2019 she not only wore 1 dress, but 2 contrasting ones, one pink and one black. She looked like a hand-painted doll with her makeup and both dresses.

Lady Gaga at 2019 Met Gala | Twitter: @metgalafashion_

4. Elegant

Lady Gaga can look soooo elegant, and this dress shows int, it might look simpler than some of the others we have showed here, but we love it too!

An elegant look in Gaga | Twitter: @garotochaneI

5. 2019 Golden Globes

Was 2019 Lady Gaga's year in fashion? We're sure it was a nice time, here we have another dress from back then, the one she used for the 2019 Golden Globes was simply iconic.

Lady Gaga's iconic dress | Twitter: @garotochaneI

6. Alexander McQueen

Here we have three dresses since we loved them all, these are from Alexander McQueen, Lady Gaga wore them for her photoshoot in Vogue back in 2011.

Lady Gaga wearing Alexander McQueen dresses | Twitter: @LGTourNews

7. 2010 Grammy Awards

In We've seen a lot of iconic looks in Lady Gaga for Grammy Awards, but her dress from 2010 was selected as one of the best for Harper's Baazar.

Lady Gaga best dress | Twitter: @OscarCOfficial

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