The best about LE SSERAFIM's debut The best about LE SSERAFIM's debut

LE SSERAFIM makes a brilliant debut and this is everything we love about it

After the great wait, LE SSERAFIM finally presented itself to the public with its debut, what was the best thing about FEARLESS?

LE SSERAFIM came to the world of K-Pop to shine imminently and they proved it with 'FEARLESS', this was the debut of this new girl group and here we tell you everything we love about these new idols.

K-Pop agencies are constantly on the move, with new trainees ready to debut and shine on stage like many of our favorite idols already do. One of these companies is HYBE, recognized for having groups like BTS, TXT or ENHYPEN among its ranks.

This year, HYBE decided to launch a new girl group, since a few months ago there were rumors about the trainees ready to debut. And just in April it was confirmed that they had the idol group ready and the first LE SSERAFIM teasers were released to excite K-Pop fans and the general public.

LE SSERAFIM is made up of 6 girls in total, 4 of them are Korean and 2 came from Japan to shine in K-Pop. Their first mini album is 'FEARLESS' which is now available on all digital platforms. The girls surprised the world with their style and great way of singing and dancing.

But, what was the best thing about LE SSERAFIM's debut? Here we tell you everything we love about 'FEARLESS' by this new K-Pop girl group that is here to stay.

Our 3 favorite things about LE SSERAFIM's debut

1. The MV

LE SSERAFIM is giving a lot of girl power vibes in the MV of 'FEARLESS', since we can see that these girls are all-terrain on different activities and scenerios, we just love it!

2. The performance

LE SSERAFIM had their first performance ever in their debut showcase where they showed their amazing voices live and the perfect execution of the coreography for 'FEARLESS'.

3. The lyrics

The lyrics of the song 'FEARLESS' by LA SERAFIM really empower us, it's just a great track that will make you feel confident and fight for your passion and own dreams.

Number 1 on my chest ay
World groveling under my feet ay
Take the world break it down break you down down

LE SSERAFIM is so powerful | Twitter: @lesserafins

 LE SERAFFIM's debut was just amazing, we loved a lot of things about it and we'll surely stan these girls!

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