Korean music shows for you Korean music shows for you

Korean music shows to watch the comebacks of your favorite K-Pop groups

Every day you can enjoy a different Korean music program where you will watch K-Pop comebacks and debuts

Week after week, music shows in South Korea have performances by amazing artists and groups, and many of them are even available on YouTube, so be sure to check out any of these.

In Korea, music shows are very important, as prizes are awarded that give the wins to each K-Pop group. Week after week many groups of the musical genre debut or have a comeback and that is where the support of the public is reflected when the best song is chosen.

As in the whole world, in South Korea there are different television networks and each one has a different show. The best thing about these programs is that we can also find many of our favorite idols as MCs, sharing time with other artists and demonstrating a skill other than music.

For the awards of each program, different aspects are taken into account such as performance on social networks, reproductions, votes and others, so many fans from all over the world are very aware of this type of program in order to show all their support for your favorite idol groups.

Do you already know when each music show in Korea is? Here we leave you all that there is and also the day they are broadcast so you don't lose the votes and you can also see your favorite K-Pop groups.

All music shows in Korea, when and where can you watch them?

1. The Show

On Tuesdays, 'The Show' airs, it's South Korea's first music show of the week, so to speak. It is from the SBS MTV channel and you can also see its live broadcast on YouTube on the channel 'The K-POP'.

2. Show Champion

'Show Champion' airs every Wednesday on MBC Plus, and content from this show is also available on YouTube on the 'ALL THE K-POP' channel.

3. M! Countdown

For Thursday we have 'M! Countdown', this is the music program of the Mnet network, and on the YouTube channel 'Mnet K-POP' you can find all the presentations that happen during the broadcast of the program.

4. Music Bank

Music Bank is KBS' music show and airs every Friday, this is one of the audience's favorite shows and has even gone out of the country and toured with many of our favorite groups.

5. Show! Music Core

On Saturdays we can see 'Show! Music Core' on MBC TV, through YouTube their performances are available on the 'MBCkpop' channel.

6. Inkigayo

Sunday arrives and with it Inkigayo, the most difficult musical program to win of all, but also the one with the most interesting performances.

Only on Mondays there are no music shows in South Korea, but you will still have your schedule full to see your favorite K-Pop groups on these shows.

Keep reading more about your favorite idols and K-Pop groups, here we recommend some songs of MONSTA X's Joohoney, he's an amazing rapper. 

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