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Korean movies you can watch on Viki, check out these films on the platform

Did you know that there are also movies in the Viki catalog? Here we recommend some of them

Viki has a ton of K-Dramas in its catalog, but did you know that it also has Korean movies? Here we have some of the best for you.

Viki is an excellent platform specialized in series, movies, shows and more from Asia. Among its catalog you can find a lot of options, by gender, country, condition and others. In addition to the fact that it is adding more and more new productions, whether they are originals or television premieres.

On this platform we can find a lot of our favorite K-Dramas, it is an excellent website and app to be able to enjoy our favorite series with subtitles and without being in danger. Without forgetting the excellent quality that the productions on Viki also have.

And on Viki we can also watch movies, did you know that? These options also feature our favorite actors and actresses, in shorter productions. Some Viki movies also work as sequels to Korean dramas on the platform, so the fun is limitless on this app and website.

Do you want to watch some Korean movies on Viki? Here we recommend some of the best available on the platform, add them to your watchlist!

7 Korean movies available on Viki for you

1. Dear Lena

Year 2016
Starring Kim Jae Man and Park Ki Rim

This movie is about a Russian woman of Korean descent who runs away from Russia and marries a farmer. Little by little, the feelings between the two will be revealed... but, will they be able to be happy or will there be something that will prevent them?

Dear Lena | Twitter: @xXLostGirl_

'Dear Lena' is available on Viki. 

2. 60 Days Of Summer

Year: 2018
Starring Jang Gwang and Yeon Jun Suk

In this film we meet a 70-year-old man who enjoys his retired life but with a lot of activities, everything changes when his son orders his teenage grandson for a while while he travels abroad. At first they don't get along very well, but the crimes in his city will bring them together to solve the mystery.

You can watch '60 Days Of Summer' on Viki.

3. Art Of Loving

Year: 2020
Starring Kim Jung Hoon and Han Hae In

This movie takes us to see a woman who wants to recover her relationship, she was very well with a stable job and a boyfriend who she thought she would marry. But everything changes when he ends her and gives her a month to win back her love, will she make it?

Art Of Loving | Twitter: @korean_list

'Art Of Loving' is a movie available on Viki. 

4. Peach Tree

Year: 2012
Starring Cho Seung Woo and Nam Sang Mi

In this production we meet some Siamese brothers who have not been able to live their lives in a way that is certainly adequate. They are united in body but their minds yearn for different dreams. What happens when their father helps one of them achieve a goal?

You can watch the interesting story of 'Peach Tree' on Viki.

5. A Way Station

Year: 2021
Starring Kim Dong Jun and Kim Jae Kyung

In this film we will see a man who seven years ago had a great romance with a girl, sadly they had to separate and could not continue their relationship. Now, he has Alzheimer's and her memories are starting to fade, what will happen when she shows up in her life again?

A Way Station | Twitter: @fladioaileeans9

'A Way Station' is a movie you need to watch. 

6. Goodbye Summer

Year: 2019
Starring Kim Bo Ra and Jung Je Won

This story is that of a 19-year-old boy diagnosed with a terminal illness, he tries to live his last normal time, but the truth is that he can't. So he decides to take a risk and confess his love for the girl he has wanted for years.

Watch 'Goodbye Summer' on Viki.

7. Are You In Love?

Year: 2020
Starring Sung Hoon and Kim So Eun

This movie is about a woman who works in a coffee shop, her life feels a bit miserable but it changes when a mysterious woman leaves her a book that could change her life.

Are You In Love? | Twitter: @blueskypallette

The incredible story of 'Are You In Love?' is waiting for you on Viki.

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