Korean movies on Netflix Korean movies on Netflix

Korean movies available on Netflix, watch these films in a marathon

Besides K-Dramas, Netflix also has Korean movies in its catalog, here are some for you

There are plenty of Korean movies available on Netflix, here we have the best ones for you to kill your boredom this weekend.

Netflix is a great source of entertainment that has a lot of series and movies of all genres and for all types of audiences. We know very well that for some time now, the platform has added more and more Asian productions to its catalog and thus fans of the wave can enjoy themselves there with their favorite actors and plots.

There are plenty of K-Dramas, C-Dramas and J-Dramas on Netflix, series produced in Korea, China and Japan that give drama fans what they need to follow their favorite stories. This platform even has its own exclusive productions, presenting us with more options.

But on Netflix you can also find Korean movies, in these you will see more of your favorite K-Drama actors. There are also different types and themes in these films, and in the catalog of this site and app you can also enjoy them. Maybe this weekend when you don't have much to do you can organize a marathon.

So here we have for you some Korean movies available on Netflix, watch them all and forget about boredom this weekend.

7 Korean movies you can watch on Netflix today

1. The Pirates

Year: 2014
Starring Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin

This movie transports us to the Joseon times, a group of pirates will be in search of a whale that swallowed a royal seal. So we will follow them on this journey.

The Pirates | Twitter: @korean_list

'The Pirates' has a sequel you can watch on Netflix too! 

2. The 8th Night

Year: 2021
Starring Lee Sung Min and Park Hae Joon

This is a horror movie in which we meet a horrible monster who was willing only to bring suffering. So Buddha manages to stop him by blinding him, but his eyes can still cause destruction. Hundreds of years later someone wants to disprove this myth and ends with a terrible catastrophe.

You can watch 'The 8th Night' which is available on Netflix.

3. Love And Leashes

Year: 2022
Starring Jung Ji Hyun and Jun Ji Woo

This movie is about a woman who falls in love with one of her co-workers, and something happens that she uncovers the personal tastes of this guy... They will start a relationship but it's nothing like she's been into before.

Love And Leashes | Twitter: @kdrama_menfess

Watch 'Love And Leashes', it has a pretty cool plot for you. 

4. Tune In For Love

Year: 2019
Starring Jung Hae In and Kim Go Eun

This story takes us back to the 90's, when the IMF crisis affected the whole world. Here we will have a romance story in which the protagonists meet through the radio and their stories, how will love be born?

If you like romance, then watch 'Tune In For Love' on Netflix.

5. Space Sweepers

Year: 2021
Starring Song Joong Ki and Kim Tae Ri

This K-Movie is about the future, in 2092 the earth has become uninhabitable and we will meet a team of cleaners who will be in charge of space junk, the Victory crew will soon discover something that maybe it was better that they didn't know.

Space Sweepers | Twitter: @taeri_yeosin

You can watch 'Space Sweepers' since it's available on Netflix. 

6. Night In Paradise

Year: 2020
Starring Uhm Tae Goo and Jeon Yeo Been

This film is about a murderer who works for a criminal gang, due to his skills the enemy gang wants him among their ranks but he rejects them. That's when his family is killed and he seeks revenge but maybe he took the wrong lives this time.

'Night In Paradise' has an incredible plot you need to watch ASAP.

7. Time To Hunt

Year: 2020
Starring Lee Je Hoon and Choi Woo Shik

This movie takes place in a dystopian Korea where a group of friends plan and execute a robbery, after being successful they are chased by a very dangerous hit man, can they escape from him?

Time To Hunt | Twitter: @leejehoon_0407

Watch 'Time To Hunt' on Netflix. 

Here we have more movies for you, these ones star our favorite K-Actor, Gong Yoo, he's a talented man.

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