K-Dramas about mafia and gangsters K-Dramas about mafia and gangsters

Korean dramas about mafia that will make you love a gangster

In some K-Dramas we get to know more about organized crime and mafia, here we recommend you the best stories to watch

There are a lot of Korean dramas for you to watch and maybe you need in your life a story full of passion and action, like those involving the mafia and gangsters, here we recommend you some K-Dramas about that.

Drama fans have a lot of series to watch, there are a lot of Korean dramas with different stories, concepts, plots and characters which tend to involve the audience on every episode. These kind of productions have a lot of things we can highlight and they show the creativity and hard work of writers and directors who make original stories or adapt some from webtoons, manhwas, books and more.

That's we have a lot of genres in K-Dramas, sometimes we can combine them. Romance is never lacking, to be honest, but there are a lot of plots full of action, fantasy, some thrillers, historical dramas and much more which shows the great quantity of options we can watch on different dramas. So you're never going to get bored and maybe that's why these series have become so popular.

But there are also dramas which talk about the mafia, organized crime, with gangsters that fill our screens with different emotions, since maybe they're villians but they have also a heart, a story, something to fight for and sometimes it's not just the money and respect they get by working against the laws, but also for their families or love. Have you ever watcher mafia dramas?

Well, here we have some K-Dramas about mafia that you'll love, some of them became very popular and we love to watch them. We're sure you're gonna love their plots and stories.

6 K-Dramas about mafia that you need to watch, these have intense stories

1. Cruel City

Year: 2013
Starring Jung Kyung Ho and Nam Gyu Ri

This drama is about a team of undercover agents in the mafia, we will folllow three characters which will develop their own stories and interests, what will happen with their work?

Watch 'Cruel City' a great drama if you like the stories about mafia.

2. Vincenzo

Year: 2021
Starring Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Been

This is a very popular K-Drama which tells the story of Vicenzo Cassano, a child who was adopted and taken to Italy, he became a lord of mafia but something changes when someone betrays him and he'll start looking for his traitor.

Vincenzo | Twitter: @minketopia

If you haven't watched 'Vincenzo' yet this is the signal you've been waiting for to do it. 

3. Long Time No See

Year: 2017
Starring Tak Woo Suk and Yeon Seung Ho

In this series we will find the story about a hitman who starts dating another guy, but they use nicknames instead of their real names, they're falling in love when some gangsters start to chase them, will they survive the mafia?

'Long Time No See' is a BL Drama that you need to watch.

4. My Beautiful Bride

Year: 2015
Starring Kim Mu Yeol and Lee Si Young

This drama is about a man who loses his loved one, he tries to find the reason behind her death, so he gets involved with the mafia to achieve his goal and take justice for the death of his girl.

My Beautiful Bride | Twitter: @N02487

Watch 'My Beautiful Bride' which has a very good story. 

5. Yong Pal

Year: 2015
Starring Joo Woon and Kim Tae Hee

This K-Drama tells us the story of a talented surgeon who is in the need of some money, so he offers his services for gangsters and corrupt people. He needs this coins so he'll save his sister.

'Yong Pal' has an amazing story, so you better watch this drama.

6. Puck!

Year: 2016
Starring Lee Kwang Soo and Jung Hae Kyun

This story is about a man who should join the mafia since his exwife had a big debt, then he must join a hockey team since the coach is owning something to his criminal organization.

Puck! | Twitter: @KSRepublicHK

Watch 'Puck!' which has a good plot for you.

Keep watching more K-Dramas, here we have some with Lee Dong Wook as a magical creature. 

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