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Korean actresses who started their careers as K-Pop Idols

Do you have a favorite Korean actress? Maybe she could also be a K-Pop Idol. Check this article to find it out.

Korean music and the filming industry are working together hand by hand. Unfortunately a K-Pop group could be sent into hiatus because of various reasons.

Too many Idols of these groups decided to continue their careers in the acting world. Today we have for you a list of actresses that you maybe didn't know used to work as K-Pop singers.  You will be surprised!

Korean actresses who were -or still being- K-Pop singers

1. Sooyoung - Girls' Generation

Sooyoung for 'So I Married An Anti-Fan' / By @heynoona_id

Sooyoung from the lengendary group Girls' Generation began her career as an actress a lomg time ago. She was pretty young when she started with some small chacarters in K-Dramas.

Nowadays she is really popular for her work in the Film industry. Have you seen her latest drama "So I Married An Anti-Fan"?

2. Suzy - Miss A

Suzy for 'Anna' / By @dae_stars21

Miss A made their debut in 2010 and just one year later Suzy started her acting career with the K-Drama Dream High. It was a project where we met for the first time too many celebrities that are really famous nowadays.

Since the begging the beautiful artist took roles in projects that were a big success. In the next months her next drama "Anna" will be released.

3. UEE - After School

Again we're in front of a big girl group that gave us an amazing, this time we're talking about After School.

UEE used to work under the label PLEDIS Entertainment. In 2009 she got an important role in the popular K-Drama "You're beautiful". Recently we saw her in the show "Ghost Doctor".

UEE for 'Ghost Doctor' / By @fandeloasiatico

4. Sejeong - I.O.I.- Gugudan

Sejong has experiences as an Idol in two different groups. She was the winner of the show Produce 101. Immediately she made her debut. Sadly both groups are wer disbanded.

However her acting career is living a great moment. We just saw her in the romantic comedy "A Business Proposal".

'BusinessProposal' poster / By @DramasDiary

5. Eugene - S.E.S.

Let's talk about the first generation of K-Pop. S.E.S was the girl group that defined the genre. Eugene was the most popular of this band.

In 2020 the singer came back to the K-Dramas with the super famous show" Penthouse". This time the actress took the role of a villian, Did you hate her?

Former S.E.S member Eugene / By @peachesnews

6. IU - Solist

Honestly nobody can answer this question: Is IU a singer who can also sing? Or, is IU an actress who is also a very good singer?

IU made her debut in music in 2008. The beginning of her acting career was also in the show Dream High, next to Suzy. A new K-Drama will be released in the current year. It is called "Money Game".

IU for 'Hotel del Luna' / By @staygpjm

There are too many more actresses who can be in this list. Tell us, who is your favorite?

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