Korean actresses in Hanbok Korean actresses in Hanbok

Korean actresses who look cute wearing Hanbok in historical K-Dramas

In historical K-Dramas we can see actresses wearing traditional Korean clothes like Hanboks

We love to see our favorite actresses wearing Hanbok, clothes that were worn in Korea in ancient times and that we can admire in historical dramas.

Each drama gives us great and different adventures starring our favorite actors and actresses. They put all their talents in each series to show us the best of themselves and well-crafted characters for the public. And there are different themes of K-Dramas and different phases of them to know.

There are many fans who love Korean dramas that give us a walk through the history of Korea, mixed with fiction of course. Historical dramas take us back to ancient times and introduce us to more of the traditions, customs and other tidbits about the history of this Asian country.

And obviously everything changes, the settings, the styles and even the outfits, that's where we see our fav Korean actresses wearing Hanbok. This is a traditional Korean dress, previously, its colors depended on the society and it was important to those who wore it.

So here we have some of our favorite actresses wearing Hanbok in historical dramas, they look super cute in this traditional Korean clothing.

8 Korean actresses who look beautiful wearing Hanbok

1. Park Min Young

Park Min Young participated in the historical K-Drama 'Queen For Seven Days' and she looks wonderful wearing Hanbok.

Park Min Young | Twitter: @wooseoris

2. IU

In IU we found not only an amazing singer, but also a great actress and she proved it with her role in 'Moon Lovers' where we could see her wearing Hanbok.

IU in Moon Lovers | Twitter: @wooseoris

3. Park Shin Hye

Although 'The Royal Tailor' is not a K-Drama but it is a movie where Park Shin Hye acts and it was where we could see her wearing Hanbok.

Park Shin Hye wearing a Hanbok | Twitter: @wooseoris

4. Kim So Hyun

Young actress Kim So Hyun has appeared in Hanbok in K-Dramas as well, we saw her in 'The Moon That Embraces The Sun' where she looked amazing in this outfit.

Kim So Hyun in Hanbok | Twitter: @wooseoris

5. Shin Hye Sun

In the historical drama 'Mr. Queen' we were able to see Shin Hye Sun wearing a Hanbok and her wardrobe with her hairstyle left us more than delighted.

Shin Hye Sun in Mr. Queen | Twitter: @wooseoris

6. Kang Hanna

Kang Hanna appears in the historical K-Drama 'Red Single Heart' where we could see her super beautiful wearing Hanbok.

Kang Hanna wearing a Hanbok | Twitter: @wooseoris

7. Park Eun Bin

We love everything about 'The King's Affection' where we saw Park Eun Bin wearing Hanbok and also dressing up as a man, OMG.

Park Eun Bin in The King's Affection | Twitter: @wooseoris

8. Kim Tae Ri

We loved Kim Tae Ri and her looks on 'Mr. Sunshine', she made this drama so iconic with her character.

Kim Tae Ri in Hanbok | Twitter: @wooseoris

Keep reading more about your favorite K-Dramas, here we have some that will premiere on July 2022.

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