Korean actors with tattoos Korean actors with tattoos

Korean actors with hidden tattoos you may never have seen before

Some of our favorite K-Drama actors and actresses have hidden tattoos that they don't always show

Which Korean actors have tattoos? They wear designs on their skin that they don't always show.

In Korea there are a lot of extremely talented stars that we can look up to at all times. K-Drama actors and actresses are highly loved all over the world because their talents are appreciated in these series that have become popular in various countries on the planet.

We can admire a lot of things about these Korean TV stars, first of all their amazing talents in front of the cameras. Each character they play leaves us with new adventures and great moments that we always enjoy in our favorite Korean dramas.

We can also love the visuals of our favorite Korean actresses and actors. They are really handsome and have very beautiful physical features. That is why they have also worked as models and in the photoshoots we can see a large part of their styles. Something else that is added to their styles is tattoos.

Did you know that there are Korean actors and actresses who have tattoos? Here we have some of them who have hidden the designs they wear on their skin forever.

7 Korean actors and actresses who have hidden tattoos, have you seen them?

1. Bae Suzy

Did you know that Bae Suzy has a tattoo? It's pretty small indeed and some fans have noticed it. It's a heart in her finger. She also has a tattoo in her back.

Bae Suzy's tattoos | Twitter: @BaeSuzy5915

2. Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook has tattoos on his legs, both of them have some desings, words and more.  We've seen the ink on his body in some photoshoots.

Ji Chang Wook got his legs tattooed | Twitter: @Zara_Mika_

3. Gong Hyo Jin

We've seen Gong Hyo Jin in dramas like 'Master's Sun' or 'Don't Dare to Dream', and maybe you didn't know this but she has some tattoos in her hands and another one on her shoulder.

Gong Hyo Jin has these tattoos | Twitter: @gezzerreemarie

4. So Ji Sub

To be honest, So Ji Sub has never hidden the fact that he's got tattoos, he likes to show them and has some photoshoots in which his skin desings shine. He's got ink on his arm and back.

So Ji Sub's arm tattoo | Twitter: @kpopers_family

5. Han Ye Seul

Han Ye Seul has acted in K-Dramas like 'Goodbye Romance' or '20th Century Boy and Girl', she's got a lot of tattoos, she has 10 in total and all of them look gorgeous on her skin.

Han Ye Seul has a lot of tattoos | Twitter: @LLSeline

6. Cha Seung Won

Cha Seung Won has appeared on dramas like 'Our Blues' or 'One Ordinary Day', this Korean actor got a tattoo of an angel with the name 'Rachel' under it on his shoulder.

Cha Seung Won | Twitter: @kdramauniverse_

7. Jung Ryeo Won

Jung Ryeo Won has a long acting career, some of her dramas are 'Diary of a Prosecutor' or 'Witch at Court' and she's got some tattoos on her arm.

Jung Ryeo Won tattoo | Twitter: @ohjihwa

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