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Korean actors with YouTube channels where they share more content for fans

Some K-Drama actors have official YouTube channels where they upload vlogs, videos and more, are you already subscribed to their accounts?

We can find many drama actors even outside of television, some of them are active on their YouTube channels where they post more content for their fans.

The popularization of K-Dramas has made many actors who appear in this type of series become extremely popular and known all over the world. Today we meet countless Korean celebrities who are admired and have fan clubs in various parts of the planet.

This is why many drama actors have chosen to be very active on social media and be able to connect with fans around the world who may not be able to see them in person at fan meetings or other events. On Instagram we can find many of them who post their best photos on the platform.

FanCafe is also a specialized network for fans in which we can find many K-Actors as well and where they communicate with their fans. But there are those who want to transmit much more of themselves with their fans through videos, vlogs and other content.

So here we have some Korean actors who have their YouTube channels and where they tend to upload a lot more content of themselves for the fans who follow them. Don't forget to subscribe to their channels.

5 K-Drama actors who have an official YouTube channel, what content do they usually share?

1. Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho tends to film and edit his own videos, then he shares them with fans, you can find his channel as 'leeminhofilm'.

2. Park Seo Joon

Sometimes Park Seo Joon shares some vlogs on his YouTube channel, he'll also upload some behind the scenes of his work. His account is '박서준 Record PARK's'.

3. Ji Chang Wook

'지창욱.Jichangwook' is the channel which Ji Chang Wook uses to upload some content for fans, maybe he's not very active at all but yeah, you'll find good stuff there.

4. Ahn Bo Hyun

Ahn Bo Hyun used to upload content to 'Bravohyun', his YouTube channel has some great videos you can watch, even if he hasn't uploaded something new in some months.

5. Jung Il Woo

Jung Il Woo uses to upload a lot of content to his YouTube channel, you can find it as '1DAY 1LWOO', and it has a lot of stuff from the actor.

Now you have a lot of channels to suscribe to, follow all of these actors on their YouTube channels.

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