Korean actors who had controversies Korean actors who had controversies

Korean actors who were involved in controversy, what happened to them?

The careers of many Korean actors have been clouded by different controversies, what did they go through?

Every cause has an effect and sometimes the past of Korean actors has put certain obstacles in their careers due to the controversies in which they have been involved.

On Korean television we have seen a lot of actors and actresses shine who always give their best in each project they participate. They can be K-Dramas or movies where they give us the best characters. They often charm fans with all their charms, both in front of the cameras and their personalities.

There are Korean actors with a lot of fans and rising careers who have worked hard to get to where they are and who have proven themselves as professionals. This is how little by little they win the affection of the public that ends up becoming a faithful follower of each star of the dramas.

We know that we all go through a process of evolution and growth and sometimes when we are young we make mistakes. That's happened to many Korean actors, actually... Sometimes they did things in their past that can't be erased and when they come out they often tarnish their image and even end their careers.

Which Korean actors have been through controversies? Here we have some of them who had to go through problems because they made mistakes in the past.

7 Korean actors who went through controversies, did this end their careers?

1. Kim Seon Ho

Kim Seon Ho was in the top of his career as a protagonist of 'Hometown Cha Cha Cha' when a girl who claimed to be his ex-girlfriend said that he mistreated her and made her have an abortion. It made his career go down and we haven't seen him properly in a while since then.

Kim Seon Ho had a controversy with his ex-girlfriend | Twitter: @seonhodeity

2. Seo Ye Ji

We know that Seo Ye Ji just had her comeback with 'Eve', but before that, she went through a controversy, she was acussed of being a toxic grilfriend, she was in a relationship with the actor Kim Jung Hyun and she mistreated some actresses around him while he was just working.

Seo Ye Ji's controversy | Twitter: @MagzCollection

3. Ji Soo

Actor Ji Soo was appearing on 'River Where the Moon Rises' and then there were some bullying testimonies of bullying, according to this he used to do it and that's how his career was overshadowed. He apologized and then began his mandatory military service.

Ji Soo went through a controversy | Twitter: @namjincollab

4. Park Hye Soo

Park Hye Soo had a big scandal because she was accused of bullying at school, this threatened her career and she was even asked to be removed from the series 'Dear M' which was her next K-Drama.

Park Hye Soo did school bullying too | Twitter: @theseoulstory

5. Lee Byung Hun

In 2009 and 2014 Lee Byung Hun went through a couple of controversies, one of them was about his ex-girlfriend who claimed that he was unloyal during their relationship, the other one was about him cheating again, OMG!

Lee Byung Hun's controversies | Twitter: @__WildRose_

6. Song Hye Kyo

No one would expect that Song Hye Kyo could have an scandar, but she was involved in a tax evasion controversy, it was later stated that it was a mistake of her accountant.

Song Hye Kyo's controversy | Twitter: @louverruk

7. Joo Ji Hoon

This scandal was serious, as Joo Ji Hoon was involved in a controversy over possession and use of illegal drugs. He even went to jail and when he got out he enlisted in the army. He went back to acting after all this, OMG.

Joo Ji Hoon had a great controversy | Twitter: @CXBAEKHYUN

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