Korean actors who almost debut as idols Korean actors who almost debut as idols

Korean actors who were going to be idols and were trainees in a K-Pop agency

Some drama actors started their careers as K-Pop trainees and later switched to acting

Did you know that there are Korean actors and actresses who almost debuted as idols? Before turning to acting, they were trainees at K-Pop agencies.

There is no doubt that there are multi-talented people all over Korea, and our favorite Korean celebrities always impress us with their multi-skills in different fields or things. It's funny to see that sometimes their hobbies or stories before their debut as artists is also a specialty.

We know very well that there are a lot of idols who are also actors and this is how they show that they not only have musical skills, but also in front of the cameras. This is how we enjoy our favorite stars both on stage and in K-Dramas. We also meet some actors and idols who before debuting in the world of entertainment were incredible athletes.

Other Korean actors were also models before debuting in dramas. So before they became actors they had a few different jobs or dreams that they chased until they switched to acting or this came as a surprise to their lives and they took all the spotlight ever since.

So here we have some K-Drama actors who almost debuted as idols, before deciding for the world of acting, they were trainees in some K-Pop agency.

8 K-Drama actors who were K-Pop agency trainees before they debuted in acting

1. Lee Jong Suk

Before debuting as an actor, Lee Jong Suk was a trainee from the SM Entertainment agency, he was preparing to be an idol but in the end he decided to change to acting and his first drama was 'Prosecutor Princess' in 2010.

Lee Jong Suk used to be a SM Entertainment trainee | Twitter: @SherryTaban

2. Park Yoona

Park Yoona graduated from the same school as SHINee's Taemin and was actually a trainee at a K-Pop agency, she really had several offers but then she gave up her dream of being an idol and instead decided to be an actress.

Yoona used to be a trainee | Twitter: @yuuna_1997

3. Ahn Hyo Seop

For 3 years Ahn Hyo Seop was a JYP Entertainment trainee, he shared a bedroom with GOT7's Jackson Wang but he gave up on that dream of being an idol and eventually became an actor.

Ahn Hyo Seop | Twitter: @MagzCollection

4. Ku Hye Sun

SM Entertainment was the agency where Ku Hye Sun was preparing to debut as an idol, but later she forgot that dream and instead became an actress.

Ku Hye Sun was going to be an idol | Twitter: @KdramaSmoothie

5. Kim Hyung Seok

We've seen Kim Hyung Seok in K-Dramas like 'Flower Ever After' or 'Love Playlist', but before becoming an actor he was a trainee at a K-Pop agency though it was only for a short time.

Kim Hyukg Seok used to be a trainee | Twitter: @theseoulstory

6. Lee Sun Bin

Before debuting as an actress, Lee Sun Bin spent 3 years as a K-Pop trainee. We have seen her in K-Dramas like 'Work Later, Drink Now' or 'Jirisan'.

Lee Sun Bin was almost an idol | Twitter: @iconickdramas

7. Kim Jihoon

Kim Jihoon was a very dedicated and popular trainee at SM Entertainment. Many assured him to debut soon, but he decided to give up the dream of being an idol and changed it to being an actor. He now has an extensive career in acting.

Kim Jihoon used to be a trainee | Twitter: @KIMBE0M

8. Gong Seung Yeon

Gong Seung Yeon has a sister who is an idol, it is Jeongyeon from TWICE, the actress was a trainee for 7 long years in SM Entertainment but in the end she did not practice the same profession as her sister.

Seungyeon almost became an idol | Twitter: @GSYintl

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