Korean actors celebrating their birthdays in May Korean actors celebrating their birthdays in May

Korean actors who were born in May, celebrate their birthdays with them!

For fans, the birthdays of their favorite artists is the most important thing, which K-Drama actors have their birthday in May?

There are a lot of K-Actors who were born in May, so celebrate with them on their birthdays during this month! They'll have a very special month.

Thanks to the popularization of K-Dramas, many actors now have countless fans around the world who love, support and admire their work on television and South Korean cinema, much of the world has eyes on the stars. of the country, which becomes a great honor for many of them.

South Korean celebrity fandoms always care to spread their love to actors and actresses they admire. Even from a distance and through social networks, many fanbases generate the best projects for their favorite stars in Korea. We admire all the work of the fans.

And the celebrations are even bigger when it comes to drama actors' birthdays. Each anniversary of these stars is more important for millions in the world, that is why the birth dates of many Korean actors see great special projects made by their fans.

Do you know which Korean actors and actresses have birthdays in May? Very soon we will celebrate them, so here we have them for you to write down their anniversary date in your diary and congratulate them.

K-drama actors whose birthdays are in May

1. Yook Sungjae

Sungjae is not only one of the BTOB idols, he's also a great Korean actor whose birthday is on May 2, he was born in 1995.

Sungjae was born in May | Twitter: @sungjaely

2. Kim Seon Ho

In May 8, 1986, Kim Seon Ho was born, even if this actor had a big controversy on 2021, some fans are still by his side.

Kim Seon Ho's birthday | Twitter: @jungwoosoldier

3. Ju Jihoon

Ju Jihoon was part of the cast of 'Jirisan', this actor was born on May 16,1981, so don't forget wto wish him a happy birthday next time!

Ju Jihoon was born on May | Twitter: @ethernaltear

4. Ahn Bo Hyun

In May 16 Ahn Bo Hyun celebrates his birthday, this K-Actor was born in 1988 and we loved him on Yumi's Cells.

Ahn Bo Hyun's birthday is in May | Twitter: @TheAnnyeongOppa

5. IU

IU is not only an amazing singer, she's also a great actrees which we love so much, she was born on May 16, 1993 so congratulate her on her next birthday!

IU's birthday | Twitter: @theseoulstory

6. Yoona

Yoona is a great singer and actrees and her birthday is on May 30, so don't forget to send her a great message on her next birthday.

Yoona's birthday is in May | Twitter: @theseoulstory

Do you share birthday with one of these actors? Don't forget to give them a cute message during their next birthdays.

 Keep reading more about your favorite K-Actors, there are some of them who have a channel on YouTube.

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