Korean actors and actresses with birthdays in August Korean actors and actresses with birthdays in August

Korean actors who were born in August, what day is their birthday?

August is coming and we will be able to celebrate a lot of Korean actors and actresses on their birthdays

Which Korean actors have a birthday in August? Celebrate with them on their next anniversary because here we have all the birthday boys and girls of that month.

There are a lot of Korean actors with huge fandoms, we really admire all of them from afar sometimes because not all of us can live in South Korea and meet them at the events happening there. But this only confirms the popularity of Korean celebrities around the world.

And there are a lot of things to admire about our favorite K-Drama actors and actresses, first of all they have this brilliant talent in front of the cameras that delights us with each new character in their projects. But they also have beautiful personalities and charisma that we really adore.

As if that were not enough, their hidden talents, hobbies and others can also win us over. And not to mention their visuals, with their beautiful physical characteristics they have ended up making their fans fall in love with them. And fans always love to celebrate everything from these artists. Especially on their birthdays, the big celebration takes place during the anniversaries of many actors.

And which Korean actors and actresses have birthdays in August? This month is coming up and we will be able to celebrate one more anniversary of our favorite Korean celebrities.

Korean actors and actresses whose birthdays are in August

1. Jeon Mi Do

Jeon Mi Do has her birthday on August 4, she was born on 1982 and we've seen her in a lot of dramas like 'Hospital Playlist'.

Jeon Mi Do celebrates her birthday on August | Twitter: @fxctional

2. Wi Ha Joon

We know you loved Wi Ha Joon in 'Squid Game' and 'Bad And Crazy', this Korean actor was born on August 5, 1991, so don't forget to wish him a happy birthday soon.

Wi Ha Joon's birthday | Twitter: @skinthefool

3. Rowoon

Our dear Rowoon, this idol from SF9 who's also a great actor was bron in August 7, 1996. We love the way he acts and we can't stll get over 'Tomorrow' or 'Extraordinary You'.

Rowoon has his birthday on August | Twitter: @kdramasfangirl

4. Lee Sung Kyung

Lee Sung Kyung is an amazing actress who was born on August 10, 1990, we've seen her in K-Dramas like 'Doctors' and she's truly talented, celebrate with her!

Lee Sung Kyung is an August's birthday girl | Twitter: @bibleefiIms

5. Yeo Jin Goo

In dramas like 'Start Up' and 'Beyond Evil' we've seen the talents for Yeo Jin Goo who was born on August 13, 1997, he's very young and pretty talented.

Jin Goo's birthday | Twitter: @jieunlui

6. Song Ji Hyo

Song Ji Hyo is an amazing actress and she has appeared in dramas like 'The Witch's Dinner', her birthday is in August 15.

Song Ji Hyon's date of birth | Twitter: @softprophecy

7. Jo Bo Ah

Jo Bo Ah was born in August 22, 1991, we've seen this actress in dramas like 'A Business Proposal' or 'Forest'.

Jo Bo Ah was born in August | Twitter: @SeaLeedongwook

8. Shin Hye Sun

We celebrate the birthday of Shin Hye Sun on August 31, she was bron in 1989, a great actress with an amazing career.

Shin Hye Sun has her birthday in August | Twitter: @ChiChiecoTogy

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