Korean actors as MCs Korean actors as MCs

Korean actors who were also music show MCs

Our favorite K-Drama actors are multi-talented, and some of them show it with their work as MCs on Korean music shows

A lot of Korean actors also work as MCs in various music shows, so they shine with their charisma in TV content other than dramas.

In the world of Korean entertainment, no one has a single profession, some of our favorite drama actors are also idols and work within music in some K-Pop group, others are models and even ambassadors of important fashion or makeup brands.

And we also have those Korean actors who have their own businesses, they are amazing entrepreneurs who show more sides of themselves in a job other than acting. So as you can see, there are all kinds of talents among the celebrities in our favorite K-Dramas.

There are even actors who appear with our favorite idols and interact on South Korean music shows. So there are actors and actresses who have worked as MCs on TV shows, their charisma is brilliant and great on TV even if it's not just about series.

So here we have some drama actors who have worked as MCs on Korean music shows, who is your favorite? They have an amazing personality for the TV.

6 K-Drama actors who have been MCs on Korean music shows

1. Park Bo Gum

'Music Bank' had Park Bo Gum as an MC for some time, he even traveled with this show on tour and it was great, he's one of the favorite hosts of this show, did you know that?

Park Bo Gum as Music Bank MC | Twitter: @officialbogumph

2. Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo used to be a MC for 'Music Core' back in the day when this show was called 'Music Camp', it's been a long time since his days as a host for music shows.

Gong Yoo in Music Camp | Twitter: @Latimsz10

3. Park Seo Joon

Is there something that Park Seo Joon hasn't tried yet? He used to be a MC for 'Music Bank' for two long years, it was very cool and he left a mark on this show with his incredible charisma.

Park Seo Joon in Music Bank | Twitter: @WorldOf_RPs

4. Song Joong Ki

Once, Song Joong Ki was a host in Music Bank, he even did a dance from 4Minute girl group and we will never forget about it.

Song Joong Ki as a MC | Twitter: @kiaileeurope

5. Lee Jong Suk

Inkigayo was the show in which Lee Jong Suk worked as a MC, he had his spot at host even besides IU, it was very cool.

IU and Lee Jong Suk when he was a MC | Twitter: @SecretGardenIND

6. So Ji Sub

So Ji Sub worked as a MC too when Music Core was called Music Camp. is been a long time but we can't forget his moments on this music show.

So Ji Sub in Musc Camp | Twitter: @kpopceleb

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