Korean actors as psychopaths Korean actors as psychopaths

Korean actors who played psychopaths and serial killers in K-Dramas

Crime and mystery dramas bring us great characters played by our favorite Korean actors, like these killers in K-Dramas

Every Korean actor has done an excellent job and sometimes they convince us to be so evil, like a psychopath or a serial killer, which actors have had these roles?

In each K-Drama we can see all the talent of our favorite Korean actors. And it is that we have been able to see them in different facets, some of them are heroes, other villains, others have unforgettable secondary roles and much more that we have really loved.

And it is that the actors also add something special to the formulas of Korean dramas, not only is it a good script and direction, but also the way in which the cast acts is of the utmost importance so that it attracts the attention of the public and ends up by wrap the audience in the plot.

And since each drama is a different adventure, we also see the actors and actresses in different facets and so on, for example, in crime and mystery K-Dramas we can have detectives who are serious and committed to their work and, on the other hand, , we also have cunning murderers and criminals who seek to go free and not be punished.

Which Korean actors have played psychopaths or serial killers in their K-Dramas? Here we have some of them who played such a role and convinced us that they were really evil.

8 Korean Actors who embodied psychopaths in their dramas

1. Park Bo Gum

In 'Hello Monster', Park Bo Gum is Lee Min, someone who says he's innocent, but the truth is that he's a psychopath, we knwo he's evil! This Korean actor made a great job in this drama.

2. Park Hae Jin

Park Hae Jin was Lee Jeung Moon in 'Bad Guys', he was a genius but for bad reasons since his IQ helped him with his psychopathic activities, we couldn't believe it while watch this series!

3. Kim Jae Wook

'Voice' is a drama full of emotions, and in this one we'll find a psycopath embodied by Kim Jae Wook, his character was Moo Tae Goo.

4. Lee Seung Gi

We know that Lee Seung Gi is pretty talented and he proved it once again in 'Mouse', he played the role of Jung Ba Reum, a two-faced villian who shocked the viewers.

5. Lee Dong Wook

We've seen Lee Dong Wook in a lot of K-Dramas and 'Strangers From Hell' is one of them. His character there is Seo Moon Jo a dentist who is not that good at all, since it's just a facade for his true self.

6. Nam Goong Min

'Remember' is a great drama and here we have Nam Goong Min as Nam Gyu Man who's a murderer and tries to end with our hero in this series.

7. Shin Sung Rok

Shin Sung Rok embodied Lee Jae Kyung in 'My Love From The Star', he's a psychopath who would do anything to get what he wants and that really shocked us.

8. Yoo Seung Ho

Harry in 'Missing You' made the audience have mixed feelings towards him, since he seems too nice and warm but he's actually a psycopath. This character was embodied by Yoo Seung Ho.

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